How Goal-Based Investing can help you to reach your Life Goals

We all have dreams and aspirations, and we need financial foundations to support our aspirations. The responsibility of creating these financial foundations also lies with us. Let me begin with my own example. I started working at the age of twenty-one after completing my Engineering, and after a year I got married. Those days Engineering
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“I would rather enjoy with my money now than save it to enjoy at a later date,” professed Anuj Arora (name changed to protect identity), a few days back. A young man in his mid-twenties, Anuj has shifted to Mumbai from Delhi after taking up a job. He had approached me for some guidance on
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“My son has got a rank of 2400 in JEE advance. He’ll get into one of the IITs. We are now deciding on the branch for Engineering,” read a WhatsApp message that I received from a friend last month. I called up my friend to congratulate her on her son’s result. As she spoke, I
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