Turkish Mosaic Lamps in Mumbai

A new lamp, a piece of art can transform a room. ~ Madonna This is exactly why I love to collect decoration pieces and wall hangings. Recently, I had been to a furniture exhibition at NSE Ground in Goregaon in Mumbai. Just at the entrance of the exhibition was a stall that had mosaic lamps hanging from the ceiling,
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A coloured wall enlivens the room. I have always felt that a differently coloured wall renders a character to the room. For example, an orange- red wall adds vibrancy to a room, a blue wall renders a soothing touch, whereas a purple wall gives a luxurious feel to the room. To add an atheistic touch,
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Change is the only constant in our life. A natural part of growing up is the change in our likes and dislikes. The perception of our home, and the room we call our own, Like our personality, changes with time.

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