Brand Story of Kissan – A Champion of Happy Growth

Much like salt, pepper and pickles, jams and ketchups find a permanent place in most of our kitchen shelves or on the dining table. Talking about jams, the label on the jar mostly reads Kissan. So here goes the brand story of Kissan. .

As the weekend mood sets in, the brand that I chose for today is Maggi – ‘Fast to Cook Good to Eat’.  Though we all know Maggi as the instant two minutes noodle, but do you know that this fun food, which delights most children, is a brand that carries more than a century old
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Today, my pick in the food brand series is Kitchens of India– a brand that specializes in bringing to life gourmet Indian dishes from across the country in the form of ready to eat packs. Introduced in 2001 by ITC, Kitchens of India is one of ITC‘s major food brands.  

My brand for today is Nutella – the yummy hazelnut and cocoa spread with the taste of molten Ferrero Rocher, which is good to smear on bread or even better to have a spoonful, just like that! The word Nutella is a bilingual word – a combination of the English word “nut” with a Latin suffix “ella” meaning
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My brand for today is Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea, one of the country’s most loved indigenous brands. The tea brand popularized by the ‘Wah Taj‘ campaign was established in a tea taster’s chamber in Kolkata, in 1966, as a premium tea brand made from tea leaves of Upper Assam. . The first tea plantations in
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My pick for today is Amul – the “Utterly Butterly Delicious” brand that has buttered my bread since ages. Since childhood, till date, I have always enjoyed reading the witty catchphrases on the billboards from which the polka dotted Amul girl with a puff pony on her head would state her stand on contemporary events.  
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