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When we talk of a water purifier in India, the name that instantly rings a bell is Aquaguard. Now, with Madhuri Dixit beaming her magnetic smile with Dr Nene by her side in the Aquaguard TV commercial, I had almost forgotten about the smart gentleman who would appear in the ads to come and demonstrate house
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In the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety and security needs are placed just after our basic or physiological needs including food, water, air, shelter, sleep etc.  The security of our house and possessions are of paramount importance to all of us. A sturdy lock on the door gives most of us a sense of security. Probably
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Taking clothes out of the washing machine to hang them to dry, I glance at my cup of tea cooling on the table. The smiling little face on the door of the machine reminds me Life is good. As I put the cup in the oven to warm up my tea, the logo with the smiling face formed
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