Cat Café Studio – A café for ‘Coffee with Cats’

I am going to have coffee with cats. Will you come along?” My daughter asked me.

What!” I wondered aloud. Till now I had heard only about ‘Koffee with Karan’, but when she said something like coffee with cats, I wasn’t sure if I had heard it right.


The cat at home keeps a constant watch on me and two more in the society stalk me for food the moment they see me. And, you want me to go to some place to have coffee with some more cats?” I asked her.

Not paying much heed to my questions, my daughter urged me to join her. Though it didn’t make much sense to me, yet I agreed and we reached the Cat Café Studio in Andheri.

Cat Cafe Studio

At the first glance, it looked like a small, cosy place.  We stepped inside the corridor. Right at the entrance lying down on the floor was a huge Labrador dog, who raised his head once, looked sheepishly at us, and then continued to doze. We saw a counter at one end; there was a small café along the corridor.


From a glass door in front of us, we could see the hall with a low seating arrangement. Some cats were moving around. A staff standing by the door asked us if it was our first time at the Cat Café Studio. When we nodded in affirmation, he guided us on the entry procedure. We would need to place our order for coffee at the counter to enter the Cat Area. An order from the cafe section is treated as an entry fee for the Cat Area.

The order would be served in the Cat Area,” he said.

After placing the order, we were asked to wash our hands, and take our shoes off before entering the hall.  Inside the hall, some cats were lounging around. Many of them were sleeping on the tables or inside their bunkers.

Cat Area
Cat Area

A young girl took us to our table. As we made ourselves comfortable on the cushions by the table, a small kitten came and perched on my lap. At that very moment, I developed an instant liking for the place.

So here’s a peep into the Cat Café Studio (CCS)

The atmosphere in the studio is very relaxing. There are about 20 cats in the studio, yet it doesn’t look cluttered. The studio is nicely decorated with posters, pictures and cat-friendly furniture and toys. There are board games and cards too.

Pet me!
Furry friends

The cats are spotlessly clean. They have been rescued by The Cat Café Studio Team from the streets of the city. The cats are vaccinated, neutered and toilet trained before they enter the CCS clan. Some of them are shy, but some others like the kitten who came to me, are very Human-friendly.

Nile, a blind cat responds nicely to a rattle toy. Two cats are playing with a scratch post and another one comes and come up and starts sniffing my bag. She then puts her paw inside my purse.

Like a boss

The caretakers keep an eye on the cats and ensure that at all points of time the atmosphere in the Cat Area is conducive to the visitors and the felines. My daughter tells me that many of the caretakers of cats are students who volunteer their services. With a lot of interest, they tell us about the cats.

At any point in time, if the cats do not want to have visitors around, they can escape to another room, which is exclusively for the cats.  Likewise, visitors who do not want to eat in the company of cats can have their grub in the Café Area in the corridor. We come to know that CCS also organises something called ‘Mewga‘. (Yoga with cats). And yes, all cats are up for Adoption.

Adopt A Cat

It was very pleasant and de-stressing to observe and play with these furry felines. After spending about an hour and a half both of us came out feeling very happy.

I found this a very novel concept of promoting kindness towards animals by caring for rescued cats and finding them loving homes. Though people mostly prefer to buy breed cats, it is better to adopt a pet than buying a pet from the breeders as there is a massive stray population of animals on the streets of India. From my experience with our cat Po, I can say that stray cats that are adopted are no less loving than any breed cat.

The place is one of its kind in Mumbai. It has a great ambience. In fact, this is a feline haven to explore for all those who want to adopt a cat or simply fancy sipping a cup of coffee in the company of some friendly felines.

You can check out their website



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    By: Somali K Chakrabarti

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Somali K Chakrabarti

Hi there! Welcome to Scribble and Scrawl! Here, I delve into themes related to positive lifestyle - from making smart-living choices, savvy financial decisions to nurturing the mind, body and soul. I share my travel experiences, explore facets of art and culture and highlight inspiring stories. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

  • What an innovative way of caring for animals and offering them for adoption! The concept is totally modern as cats in Indian homes…incredible! Never heard! I wonder if many would be welcomed into homes!
    While cats find loving homes here in US, they are very different from dogs, who are very loving and loyal. Cats are happy being alone and don’t like to be disturbed. They sit at their favorite place all day and don’t like dogs around.
    I have seen and studied their behavior at my daughter’s home and last time when I visited her, I saw how the cat would bound away into her hiding place whenever the dog was allowed to come and sit with us at the couch. One night when everyone had retired to their bedrooms to sleep, I still sat in the living room, catching up with blogger friends on my laptop, their cat whose favorite place is the edge of the couch near the window, came very close to me, looked me in the eye and said…’meow’ loudly!! I got the message, smiled and bounded off into my bedroom! :)

    • What a sweet incident Balroop! Cats have a mind of their own and don’t like to be ordered around too much. Since they are territorial creatures, they are very particular about their place.
      Yes, this is a very modern and different concept from how people in India usually treat strays, but I liked it a lot. Once people go there it is easy to fall in love with the cats. I heard people inquiring if they could adopt one. Hope the initiative succeeds in raising the empathy for stray animals among the people.

  • Mewga! It’s a news to me! The concept is indeed a noble one ..a kind and unselfish act along with a sip of coffee..????????

  • It’s a very innovative concept and guess we should have more of these kind of setups dedicated to a higher objective. Sorry that I could not join in but definitely would be there soon.

  • bhudeb chakrabarti

    July 10, 2017 at 6:50 am

    I look forward to visit the Cat Cafe Studio.Thanks for the excellent post and photos of furry friends.

  • A wonderful way to show love for animals. I especially liked that they’ve rescued the cats including a blind one. Kudos! Thanks to your daughter for introducing us to this innovative cafe. It’s one of its kind, truly… :-)

    Your daughter resembles you a lot, Somali. God bless…

    • Thank you Maniparna. There is Nile – the blind cat, and then there is a one eyed cat , who is the boss kinds. I am glad that Shreyashi spotted the place and urged me to accompany her.

      Resemblance? Maybe slightly but can’t say a lot cause she is much taller than me. :D :D

  • Very interesting Somali. Take your lovable meaw Po with you in your next visit.

  • It’s a great idea. There is also a cat cafe in London, I believe, although I’ve not been there.

  • Very interesting post. Cat cafes are not uncommon here in the U.S. (there is one called KITTY BREW CAT CAFE in a town near me), but I don’t know of any that have a huge dog stationed at the entrance. Apparently the dog at the Andheri café is very ‘laid back,’ so they don’t fight like cats and dog!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by. KITTY BREW CAT CAFE sounds interesting. They might be serving hot brews there. I wonder why they coined the phrase ‘fight like cats and dogs’ because whenever a cat and a dog share a place, the cat seems to control the dog.:-)

  • Ah, what generous souls you and your daughter are! She’s very lovely and tall.

    We have cat cafes here, as well and there are cafes where you can take your dogs. They also have a menu you can order treats for your pets.

    How nice that the cats can escape to a separate room if they require privacy! Thanks for sharing an invaluable post, Somali, and letting people be aware of the stray cat problem in India. Hopefully, the word will get around that the best thing to do would be to adopt an older cat from organizations such as the Cat Cafe Studio. ❤️????

  • Somali, what a refreshing post, and what a lovely concept, and a perfect blend of thoughts and ideas to make it a wonderful outing inside a cafe. Indeed slow cafes have become more standard and everything becomes so predictable and boring beyond a point, perhaps this forces us to keep innovating and keep experimenting with such different and such novel thoughts. We have all distanced ourselves from the glory of nature and started glorifying our gizmos and gadgets.

    Having the cats and dogs and many such strayed animals adopted and cared makes such a huge difference in the minds and hearts of people who are unaware of the work we all can do even in a small way to make our surrounding and the nature we live a part of our life…we all have the responsibility to do our bit for the betterment of the place we stay and with the people we dwell and co-exist, having the animals a part of that co-existence is indeed a wonderful work of compassion and caring which has badly been depleted…more and more such novel concepts will catch up and we will see a sea change in the way we all live and lead our life in the so called modern urbanized world.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea and an experience worth reflecting by all of us.

  • Thank you Nihar, Yes it is a novel idea that promotes the concept of empathy and caring for animals in a sustainable manner. As a society if we care a little for the animals around us, it does increase our own happiness quotient. :-)

  • A recommendable initiative! It’s so thoughtful of them to have an escape room for cats to get away from visitors if they wish to do so. Mewga sounds like fun.
    Your daughter is very pretty :)
    Have a great week!

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