What is Lifestyle Blogging? Why is it ideal for content marketing?

‘What is Lifestyle blogging?’

‘Do Lifestyle bloggers write only about designer wear, expensive furnishings and shopping habits?’

‘What is the difference between a lifestyle blog and a personal blog?’

‘Can you use your lifestyle blog to make money?’

I am often faced with a barrage of questions such as these from people who want to know more about the trend of blogging that is picking up speed at an incredible rate, so I decided to come up with this post. Before we get to the blogging part, let us see what lifestyle means.

Lifestyle refers to the way in which people live. It is expressed in both work and leisure behaviour patterns of individuals and in their activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, and allocation of income.

Taking this definition of lifestyle from the Business Dictionary, let’s see what a lifestyle blog is.

What is a lifestyle blog?

From the various definitions, I particularly like this comprehensive definition given by Evan from mediakix.com.

A lifestyle blog is defined as the digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests. A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated from their personal interests and daily activities.

A lifestyle blog delves into themes related to one’s way of living.

Yet, it is somewhat different from personal blogging. A personal blog is more like an online personal journal, where the blogger writes mainly about his/her daily activities or about his/her life.

On the other hand, in a lifestyle blog, the content is guided more by the ideas, experiences and interests of the blogger and presented in an organised manner to the readers. Also, a lifestyle blog has a visual appeal somewhat similar to that of a lifestyle magazine.

Misconceptions about Lifestyle blogging

Some myths about Lifestyle blogging are:

Myth: Lifestyle bloggers are flamboyant people who love to show off

Some people believe that lifestyle bloggers are generally those loud people who must be selfie freaks, must sport trendy styles, and must love to show off their fine choices. I say ‘Not always’! While fashion and beauty trends are certainly a part of lifestyle blogging but the idea of lifestyle blogging extends beyond assembling a stylish wardrobe or decorating your home or showing off your crockery.

How you choose to live your life defines your lifestyle

Not all people who like to flaunt are lifestyle bloggers, similarly not all lifestyle bloggers are ostentatious nor are they perfect people, living an aspirational lifestyle. One doesn’t even have to pretend to be so for writing a lifestyle blog.

Good and smart living includes being socially and financially savvy, developing good relationships, keeping good health, being environment-friendly, contributing to your community, and shaping yourself into a well-balanced personality.

Writing pertaining to any of these themes fall under the purview of lifestyle blogging.


Myth: Lifestyle bloggers write mostly about their personal life

Another misconception about lifestyle blogging is that it revolves around the blogger’s personal life. As I have mentioned above, it need not be so. If I were to write only about my personal life, I would be extremely uncomfortable doing it, and besides, I would be thinking why would/should anybody be interested in reading about what I do in my day to day life.

Unlike a personal blog, a lifestyle blog need not focus on the bloggers day to day activities or personal life but can cover life themes that align with the blogger’s interest and have some value (functional or entertainment or educative value) for the readers.

Of course, in such blogs too, bloggers often share snippets of their life to add a personal touch wherever they feel appropriate.


Different types of Lifestyle blogs

There are different types of lifestyle blogs that cover a gamut of topics, ranging from sharing fashion and beauty tips to food, to travel, to home décor etc. One lifestyle blogger may write about fashion, food, beauty, makeup, decor, and style. Another one may write about adventure lifestyle, fitness, and yoga, yet another lifestyle blogger (like me) may write about travel, health, mindfulness, personal finance and content marketing.

It all depends on where the personal interests of the blogger lie. It also depends on the ability of the blogger to write posts on topics in a way that would engage the readers and add value to them.

Read:   How Brands Promote Content with Blogs

Why are lifestyle bloggers ideal for content marketing?

We know that a natural fallout of the growth in internet usage is digital marketing. As more and more people hang out in the virtual space and spend time on different social media platforms, it is natural for more and more brands to enter and make their presence felt in the digital space.

⇒Here, we have some excellent books that talk about the need to embrace digital marketing and how to do it.

With the rise of digital marketing trend, influencer communities are gaining importance in conveying the story and message of brands to a targeted audience. Digital influencers are more cost-effective than traditional media and at the same time, they can yield influence effectively, as people tend to trust recommendations from other people over content created by a brand. (A fact corroborated in a research by Neilson)

As lifestyle bloggers amass a readership base, the blog becomes a potent platform to spread the “word-of-mouth” and create awareness about products, services or even ideas. In one of my earlier posts, I had written how brands are increasingly tapping the power of blogs and social media to reach out to people.

Content marketing using blogs presents monetization opportunities for lifestyle bloggers.

Though Google AdSense may seem like the simplest way to monetize a blog the problem with it is that Google AdSense offers low CPC in Asian countries including India. For earning through Google AdSense, a blog would generally need high volumes of traffic (typically in the range of 800 -1000 visitors per day or higher) and a profitable (high CPC) niche, whereas even with a relatively smaller targeted audience, it is possible to start writing sponsored content for brands.

With content marketing, bloggers can improve the earning potential of their blog, even with a smaller audience. 

However, just because a person runs a lifestyle blog and wants to work with brands, it does not mean that brands will at once start approaching them right away to work with them. Bloggers need to work towards growing their blog, gaining the right traction to improve the earning potential of their blog.

So, the next pertinent question is

How to prepare your blog for content marketing

The first step towards writing content for brands is to register on an influencer marketing platform. Platforms such as Indiblogger or Blogadda connect the brands that market their products or services in India with appropriate influencers for creating content for specific campaigns. These platforms help the brands in finding the right mix of bloggers that echo the values of the brand.

In the post  5 Ways to prepare your blog for Content Marketing, I  have given the tips using which you can improve your chances of working with brands as a digital influencer.

Find out how I have geared up for content marketing, and how can you too. 

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    By: Somali K Chakrabarti

    Hi there! Welcome to Scribble and Scrawl! Here, I delve into themes related to positive lifestyle – from making smart-living choices, savvy financial decisions to nurturing the mind, body and soul. I share my travel experiences, explore facets of art and culture and highlight inspiring stories. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

  • author's avatar

Somali K Chakrabarti

Hi there! Welcome to Scribble and Scrawl! Here, I delve into themes related to positive lifestyle - from making smart-living choices, savvy financial decisions to nurturing the mind, body and soul. I share my travel experiences, explore facets of art and culture and highlight inspiring stories. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

  • Very useful post Somali, especially for the new bloggers. You have answered many of common queries that most new bloggers have. I guess both my blogs also fall in lifestyle category.
    Awaiting eagerly for your next post. Will share this as I’m sure other bloggers will benefit from this post. :)

    • Thank you, Arv. Yes, both your blog also fall under the lifestyle category. It took me years to figure out that I could merge both my blogs and club them under ‘Lifestyle’. Hope the post brings clarity for new bloggers.
      Btw, I have been intending to visit your blog since some days but have not been able to do so far. Will see you soon on your blog. :-)

      • Thanks Somali. What’s keeping you busy these days? Haven’t seen you posting regularly?

        • Arv, it took me quite some time to merge my blogs into the self-hosted platform, clean up the categories and take care of the glitches etc. So couldn’t post regularly. All issues are not yet completely resolved. Then, ever since I migrated to the self-hosted blog, somehow I find it difficult to access the comments and admin dashboard blog from the cell. Engagement on Instagram has gone up in the process. :-)

          • I haven’t been able to convince myself to move to self hosted because of time commitments. Do let me know your experiences. I guess you have opted for easy way out – instagram :)

  • bhudeb chakrabarti

    June 10, 2017 at 5:39 am

    An incisive analysis of lifestyle blogging and content marketing.A very useful post.

  • Somali! It’s such an easy to understand post about what life style constitutes and you’ve done it well. Lifestyle was one of my favorite that I wanted to do when I joined journalism and but since I was a newsy reporter, when the moment came I hit on it and my last one was an interview of Shibani Kashyap in the newspaper. On my blog, I do have a few such topics. Cheerz to you

  • What a well-fleshed out article defining lifestyle blogs, Somali. Agree with you writing about lifetsyle doesn’t always mean writing about yourself. As you said, there’s often an educational message within these kinds of posts. There’s also the sense to write a lifestyle blog to improve other’s lives and help them live the best life they can possibly be. Coming up with a lifestlye blog, there is certainl room to market it and get sponsors to jump in as well. On one hand, this can see the lifestyle blogger ‘cashing in’, but on the other hand if it’s a brand or sponsor you believe in, then it can be a win-win situation for both parties. For my blog on multiculturalism, I don’t see it as a personal blog but definitely more of a lifestyle blog – and it’s a blog where I hope to share the different facts and workings of culture in this world :)

    • Hi Mabel, Multiculturalism – the theme of your blog is all about lifestyle. From your blog we get a good insight into the culture, values and beliefs that you have been brought up with, and a window into your lifestyle as an Asian Australian.
      You have so well summarized in a line that the sense to write a lifestyle blog is to motivate others to live the best life they possibly can. As you share your experiences in your blog, others who relate to the situations may learn something from your experiences and perspective and may benefit from them.

  • Hi Somali, very interesting perspective as mostly “lifestyle blogging” is confusing for many and seen more from a high life style we live and the luxury, the fashion, the cars, the houses, and exotic places we visit. That is only one style statement all super rich man and woman attempts to make…but when it comes down to lifestyle blogger as you have so beautifully pointed out, it is about the way we live of life and there is nothing to do with money and richness.

  • Yes, with digital becoming the de facto standard in our life, we all have unknowingly moved into that space and almost every decision of ours directly or indirectly is influenced by people dwelling in that place and hence as mentioned the important role of digital influencers. Company have realized the need of their presence and how to make their presence felt, as the space has become cluttered and everyday something or the other is happening and with expanded space and potential to reach out anyone and anybody connected into the platform. Truly, content marketing is making a huge difference the way we position and sale our product and services. Brands are constantly looking for blogger and blog space to talk about them and be heard by the right audience and marketing budget has significantly shifted from the traditional to technology space.

    As so nicely pointed out it all depends on the personal interest of a blogger and his/her ability to write on any such topic that surround his/her life, and get connected with readers and get them engaged with your thoughts and the ideas that can make a difference in their life. Lifestyle is also about good and smart living, it is not about the style statement you make and the brands you wear, it is the simplicity that you bring in your living that depicts the highest form of sophistication and we all look for that ultimate spiritual state of living our life with fun and happiness.

    Looking forward to your next part…
    Hope you had good Sunday.

    • Thank you so much Nihar. Yes i had a good weekend. Hope you too had a great weekend.
      You sum it up so well when you say that simplicity in living is the highest form of sophistication. This may appear as old fashioned to most people, as our perception of own self is often defined by how others perceive us and the first opinion people (including us) generally form of others is based on their appearance, style and status. We tend to equate lifestyle only with ‘style’ leaving aside the ‘life’ in it. As a result, lifestyle blogging is seen as blogging about style and fashion, overlooking the more holistic aspects of lifestyle.
      Thank you for bringing in such an insightful perspective and enriching the discussion on the expanded sense of lifestyle.
      Content marketing space is getting interesting now. We will see more of it in the coming years.
      Thanks for taking the trouble of commenting in 3 parts.I am experiencing some tech glitches with the blog due to which such problems keep arising.
      Wish you a wonderful week ahead. ????????

      • So well said Somali, we tend to separate the word and focus more on the “style” and forget about the “life” itself which has got so many dimensions and we get swayed by the glamour & glitz of life and miss out the beautiful and fascinating aspects of life in smaller things and things that we do to cherish the beauty of life.

        Blogging is no exception it gets into the same trap where we tend to talk more on the style and fashion and give lesser importance to sum and substance of life and living. In fact spirituality and the holistic thinking and simple living is a powerful lifestyle statement and in today’s world we need more balance and better control of our life.

        I agree Content Marketing is dominating the space and I think it will grow leaps and bound in the coming years as more and more companies and individuals becoming part of this digital space.

        Thanks Somali and you too have a lovely week ahead.

  • Hi Somali…I was not able to post bigger size of comment…your “Post Comment” is disappearing, may be there is glitz. Hence my comment is posted in two parts. Pls check it out…

  • A very comprehensive way to make people aware of the essence of lifestyle blogging. It’s quite a common folly to think lifestyle blogging as something where the blogger only speaks of her/his high standards of living a labelled life. But, in a country where even the word ‘blogging’ sounds alien to many, it’s not a surprise :-D

    Your post will definitely help new bloggers to understand different aspects of lifestyle blogging. Connecting with brands and content writing, these questions are asked most frequently. I’ve faced such questions a number of times.

    Waiting for your next post.

    • Thank you Maniparna. It is true that the concept of ‘blogging’ is still not very clearly understood by many people in our country and the concept of lifestyle blogging is even more ambiguous. We we tend to equate it with high society, high standards and about things that we aspire for but do not have. But the good thing is that as the trend of blogging is picking up, and hopefully people will develop a better understanding. :D

  • I get a kick out of your traveling lifestyle and love seeing all the places you visit. I also learn new things about India and its culture. What a fantastic blog you have, Somali! Perhaps you’re traveling now as I haven’t seen a new post in a few days? Stay safe! xo

  • Somali! How are you doing? I wanted to check with you if you are comfortable with me reblogging this post. Let me know either ways! Have a great day! Cheers!

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