Churning Of The Ocean – A Tanka

Churning Of The Ocean – A Tanka

By Somali K Chakrabarti

ChurningThe Ocean

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Churning the ocean
In a bid to separate
the black from the white —
reveal the hidden demons
in a million shades of grey!!

A Tanka is a Japanese poem consisting of 31 syllables in 5 lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third lines and 7 in the others.

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  • A great Tanka poem on our contemporary world based on mythological background.

  • Your words have churned out a beautiful tanka Somali????

  • Take a bow…brilliant with demonitization in the background…

  • Good one!
    Interesting format. Will try. You have churned out the gist very well.

  • Nice tanka churned out by Somali from the current scenario. :-)

  • Mythology has never ceased to amaze me, with its symbols of the good and the evil, which can be evoked in all kinds of situations…a reflective and imaginative mind can draw out a million meanings and yet their depth cannot be discerned!
    An excellent endeavor, Somali.

  • Hehehe…great analogy of ‘amrito-manthan’ regarding the current scenario… :-D

    I got a joke the other day on WhatsApp, “all the water was pumped out of the pond to catch crocodiles. The crocodiles got away as they can survive on land as well, but, all the fish died” :-D

  • It’s those who live in the in-between that may deceive quite easily, for they can turn on a dime to become whomever benefits them at the time.

    Your few words captured a million thoughts that have been racing in my head during these tumultuous events in the U.S. Superb yet troubling!


  • Simply brilliant. There are so many shades of grey between black and white that it is difficult to separate them.

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