Baked Earth – A poem on the need for Water conservation

Baked Earth – A poem on the need for Water conservation

Baked Earth

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The earth cracks
with blistering heat,
rivers dry and the crops wilt;
if water is consumed
without a thought,
we all shall bear the brunt of drought –
Life is water, water is life
Conserve water before shortage is rife..

© Somali K Chakrabarti

As the mercury rises, taps and wells around the world are running dry.  Due to the lack of rains coupled with ElNino effect and mismanagement of water,  five continents are facing acute water crisis and drought conditions. The severe drought that has gripped several states in India including Maharashtra,  Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha , Telangana , Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh , Jharkhand and Rajasthan  has resulted in several  cases where farmers, laden with debt have committed suicide and children are bearing the brunt.

According to TERI Energy Data Directory & Yearbook,  India, with 4% of the world’s total utilizable freshwater resources. houses around 16.8% of the world’s population.  In the book ‘Water, Peace, and War: Confronting the Global Water Crisis’, Brahma Chellany , strategist and author on geopolitical trends points out that Water will be the key to war and peace in the coming years as the scarcity of water, taken to the extreme may lead to conflict among nations.

Proper management of water and water conservation is a key issue that can no longer be ignored.

While the Government of India is talking about interlinking rivers to transfer water to drought-prone areas , its feasibility and repercussions in the long term are being questioned by the environmentalists.



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  • A very powerful message told through beautiful rhythm and rhyme ! This is indeed a burning issue we really need to step ahead to conserve water. It’s time for us to commemorate your poem in action.
    Nothing could be better than this to spread the message. (y)

  • i think i can solve water crisis problem. welcome to

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