Humble and talented

Humble and talented

Blogosphere is a place where we get to connect with some amazing people, whom we would not have otherwise known. These connections lead to sharing of experiences, perspectives, sometimes heart to heart talks and learning from each other. The best thing is the chain of connection that develops with like minded people spanning across the globe.
Here I reblog this post in which Lynn, an amazing woman living in the Middle East, a mother of 9 kids, an excellent cook and a very active blogger decided to introduce me with her connections. Thank you so much Lynn. I need to learn the secret of such efficient multitasking from you.

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  • It was a lovely write-up about you, Somali! But nothing that you don’t deserve. You ARE outstanding!

  • Continue gloating Somali! Great feeling to have a blogger friend say wonderful things about you. Nice!

  • Nice to see people talking about you and your book. You must have really made an impact through your writes and interactions on the electronic page. This is also a very distinctive quality to influence people in one’s own favour.Yes, one thing is very sure that you do come across as a very kind, friendly, humble and knowledgeable blogger and writer. Pray you go places and accomplish much more in life.

  • Most deserving write up for you Somali, and so nicely summed up by Lynn. What i had in mind, she’s put on paper! Humble and talented. I’ll add diligent to it :) its been a pleasure knowing you. Best wishes

  • Adjectives galore as prefixes..
    Somali and so very well and truly deserving..
    Amazed too at this renarkable woman Lynn..great write up by a wonderful person about a gem in the blogging paradise

  • Truly well-deserved compliments Somali! You rock, keep up the good work dear.

  • I totally endorse what Lynn has said about Somali. I enjoy reading her posts and haikus. I have had several stimulating discussions with her over mail and phone. Somali has also been kind enough to read my book while it was in progress. Not surprisingly, she is one of the people who feature on my dedication page. The book – A Dance with the Corporate Ton: Reflections of a Worker Ant – is now out and available on Amazon Kindle.

  • I so agree Lynz is an amazing woman :-) and I just do not know how she does what she does And you so deserve such great compliments :-) And I am pleased she did so we could meet :-)

  • I was so happy to see you there on Lynn’s blog. You deserve every word she mentioned… <3

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