Use Storytelling to Explain Your Company’s Purpose

Use Storytelling to Explain Your Company’s Purpose

While purpose is essential to a strong corporate culture, it is often activated and reinforced through narrative. Individuals must learn to connect their drives to the organization’s purpose and to articulate their story to others.


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  • I like that you have talked about story telling Somali, I believe it is one of the most powerful ways of motivation and realising the goals. It has an incredible power to deliver results.

  • Well written Somali. Stories with real life situations and examples, analogies drive home the point so easily and effectively. Nice tip. Thanks and best wishes ????

  • I think the company too needs to think that way towards the people who work hard to make it what it is…

  • Unfortunately very few companies in India harness the power of stories employees have to tell:)

  • Hey, either it isn’t opening properly or I’m not getting it at all. I tried several times :(

  • Yes, it’s an effective way to connect with the employees. An emotional contact often helps to enhance the quality of work, of course, as like any other, an overdose might ruin it…

  • True! Aligning your long term goals with the company’s will yield great results to both.

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