Round Table Blogging Contest at NIT Trichy

Round Table Blogging Contest at NIT Trichy

By Somali K Chakrabarti


The Round Table: Theme Based Blogging Contest

The need to express yourself in today’s fast-moving world cannot be emphasized upon enough. Opinionated views are formed within the fraction of a second and spread out far and wide over the internet with the speed and alacrity of the waves; as such it becomes imperative that sane voices do not remain unheard.

Thankfully, the impact of blogging is also spreading fast, providing every net savvy individual a platform to express himself/ herself. Institutions and organizations, too, are not left untouched by the power that blogging wields, and are taking to the platform for organizing contests to get diverse perspectives, viewpoints and increase visibility.

The Round Table, a theme-based blogging contest, organized by Pragyan, NIT Trichy in association with Campus Diaries is aimed at tech enthusiasts who want to hold out their distinct voice from the opinionated noise of the internet.


Pragyan at NIT Trichy 


NIT Trichy

A sprawling campus in the charming little town of Thuvakudi, NIT Trichy is situated in between the energy equipment and fabrication capital of India, Trichy, and Thanjavur, home to the Brihadeeshwara temple. Apart from its prime location, NIT Trichy is home to a diversity of students from across the country.

From this diversity was born Pragyan, more than a decade ago. Pragyan is the first student-run organization in the world and the third overall next only to London Olympics and Manchester United to get an ISO 20121:2012 Certification for Sustainable Event Management. This techno- managerial organization plays host to thousands of students over its three day fest, typically held in the months of February or March.


A Shout Out to tech bloggers :

Theme vsnet neutrality

Keeping in line with the tagline of Pragyan “Let’s Celebrate Technology”, The Round Table is being hosted with a post on the much talked about “ vsnet neutrality” initiating the series. The other themes will be released as the event progresses.

internet-org vs net neutrality

The first theme is open from 3rd to 31st December, 2015 and the second from the 2nd to 31st January, 2016.

Here are the Rules 


The articles to be submitted shall not exceed 1500 words, and there is a requirement of sufficient mention of the opposing side of the argument, as well. The presence of any anecdotes, along with valid parallelisms is welcome, albeit it shall be considered as a bonus to your opinion.

Needless to say that preference is given to the quality over the quantity. The strength of the arguments that are put forth in the post, along with the ideas, creativity, and coherence that went into producing the article shall be a deciding criterion in judging the article.



So, if you are tech enthusiast who loves to write, or if you are one of those opinionated writers that we all just disagree with, or else if you are just another guy who has a longing to be heard, then this is your stop.

You don’t need a flair for writing, you don’t need a huge knowledge database; all you need is a desire to be discerned, and a will to express it.


 – Post by Raghu Govind, Media Coordinator , Pragyan

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  • A wonderful opportunity for tech bloggers indeed. Thanks for sharing, Somali :)

  • Brilliant! How innovative and well-thought of! A technologically challenged person can’t really do much about it though :)

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  • Saw a post from you after a very long time! Wishing that the contest is a hit!

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