Google has a new logo

Somali K Chakrabarti

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  • The new logo fits the webpage and adds some bright colour to it. Nice and informative post Somali :)

  • An excellent post on the new logo of Google after your Brand Story on Google “G For Google”. In the new Logo the “e” stands slightly tilted to reflect Google’s some time’s off-kilter thinking .

  • Nice information Somali. Just checked out and the logo looks cute and awesome. Have a nice day and waiting for few more good posts from you.

  • That spacing thing is so true. It’s modern and futuristic. Thanks for sharing the video.

  • Good informative post. Nicely presented. Liked the post. New logo looks smarter

  • I liked the new one, especially the doodle with which they introduced the new logo…

    Thanks for sharing the Google evolution video… :-)

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