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In the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety and security needs are placed just after our basic or physiological needs including food, water, air, shelter, sleep etc. 

The security of our house and possessions are of paramount importance to all of us. A sturdy lock on the door gives most of us a sense of security. Probably Ardeshir Godrej realized this when he spotted business opportunity in manufacturing locks.

Here goes the story of the Godrej and Boyce that started as a lock making business, back in 1897.  The logo is a signature of its founder Ardeshir Godrej in a running hand.


Locks and Safes


Starting his career as a lawyer, Ardeshir Godrej gave up law and forayed into business. After failing with a few businesses, he turned to lock making. Renting a tiny shed in Mumbai’s Lalbaug area in 1897, Ardeshir established a lock manufacturing company and a few years later he started manufacturing safes.

In 1906, Ardeshir’s younger brother, Pirojsha Godrej, joined him in the business. From locks, Ardeshir moved on to make safes and security equipment, and then to soaps. Thereafter they got into office equipment like typewriters and also home refrigerators.

Here’s an interesting story about how the company got its name Godrej & Boyce. Mehrwanji Cama, an old Parsi gentleman was Ardeshir Godrej’s main financier in the early days. When Ardeshir went to repay the loan, Mehrwanji refused to accept the loan, and instead asked Ardeshir to take his nephew Boyce into the business. Hence, the name Godrej & Boyce. Boyce eventually exited the business, but his name lives on.

Godrej brand history

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Innovation ran in the DNA of the company. Ardeshir won a patent for a lock without springs, which was more difficult to pick than the locks in use, and patents for innovations in safe making. When wood and teak was in vogue, Godrej introduced Storwel, the first dual-purpose steel cupboard for home and office.

Godrej Storewel – Once a prized possession 

Godrej Storewel

The Godrej steel cupboard became a staple in the Indian homes, and was look upon as a symbol of status and safety. In his book Godrej: A Hundred Years, author B.K. Karanjia mentions that during a severe explosion in a freighter at the Bombay Docks that killed over 800 people on April 14, 1944, and badly damaged the docks, it was found that the Godrej safes, installed in the offices of the merchants at the docks, remained intact in spite of being battered and disfigured. The event added to Godrej’s reputation.

It almost became a ritual, for parents in many Indian households, to present Godrej steel almirah, as a wedding gift to their daughter. As per a survey in 1991, Godrej Storewel was the second most frequently cited favourite possession, by women in India.

Gradually, the name Storewel came to be used for any steel cupboard.

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Shifting preferences with changing times 

However, the changing times in the late nineties saw the lessening of the importance of steel cupboards at homes as people in urban areas started storing valuables in banks. Aesthetically appealing wooden cupboards again started gaining preference at homes over steel cupboards.

In offices too, with the increasing use of computers to store data, the requirements to store physical files in cupboards went down. As space became a premium, the demand for space-consuming Godrej cupboards went down.

Additionally, facing stiff competition from the unorganised sector manufacturers, who had a price advantage, Godrej started losing its market share.


Revitalizing the business


As Storwel’s fortunes started dipping, the company rejigged its manufacturing operations to reduce inventory levels and lead time. They moved towards having customer-driven design, providing more flexibility to their customers design the interiors of the cupboard.

Godrej Interio, the business unit of Godrej & Boyce, that was earlier manufacturing mainly furniture for commercial offices and the Storwel cupboard for the home segment, now has a diverse portfolio with an increased focus on the home segment.

Godrej Interio2
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More than a century later, Godrej has presence in several sectors including consumer goods, real estate, appliances, agri and modern security products.

The company went through a rebranding exercise to connect with the youth and that began with a change in its logo. The 112 year old red logo got a makeover in 2008, and was replaced with a bright rainbow coloured cursive signature of the founder. The slogan, ‘Brighter Living‘, gave a vibrant feel to the group.

The name Godrej is a household name that inspires trust and reliability and now with its contemporary positioning the brand is sure to enhance its emotive appeal among the youth.


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Somali K Chakrabarti

Hi there! Welcome to Scribble and Scrawl! Here, I delve into themes related to positive lifestyle - from making smart-living choices, savvy financial decisions to nurturing the mind, body and soul. I share my travel experiences, explore facets of art and culture and highlight inspiring stories. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

  • Godrej is a household name to Indians and will always remain. A great part of our lives linked to it. I really enjoy your posts about brands.

  • Thanks for the history of Godrej. Very interesting. Godrej is really a household name in India. We have been using godrej fridge for ages. Enjoyed the post.

  • Great post on India’s most trusted brand name. Godrej products became a part of the family heirloom. Still remember the refridgerator at my grandparents which ran efficiently for probably 40 years before being retired forcibly.

  • Godrej is a household name and we have grown with Godrej products ,I am now writing in my room with a Godrej Steel Safe .You have given us a very informative story of the growth and evolution of the trusted and reliable brand “Godrej and Boyce “.

  • Godrej is really like ‘ghar ghar ki kahani’ . I think every house in India uses at least one Godrej product. A trusted brand for years… :-)

  • Every Godrej product is world class. We have nine almirahs from before’47 till lately. Every almirah has a history. Now I am going to buy two new ones after my son’s marriage last month….

    Even in locks, door latches they are as good as Yale.

    We have steel racks/ sofas too…

    Thank God for an Indian company which is world class…

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