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Woman and jewellery have an old connection and traditionally Indian women have preferred gold jewellery. Gold, looked upon as an investment as well as an adornment and considered as auspicious, is purchased on festive occasions such as Diwali, Dusshera or Akshay Tritiya, and other significant occasions such as a wedding, or an engagement.

Nowadays various options for purchasing gold and diamond jewellery are available to consumers in India, but this was not always the case. Till the 1990s, consumers preferred buying their gold from family jewellers and branded retail jewellers were non-existent in India.

Then came Tanishq, a part of TATA group and the largest retail jewellery brand in India.

Tanishq = Tata/Tamilnadu+Nishq (necklace in Sanskrit) or Tan (meaning body)+ Ishq (love).

Tanishq Logo

Branded Jewellery in India

Launched in 1995, as an extension to the Titan, Tanishq –brought in the concept of branded jewellery in India.

That was the time when heavy traditional designs were preferred in India over contemporary designs.  

Despite India being the largest consumer of gold in the world, the jewellery business in India was highly fragmented and ruled over by local players. I remember having seen in the 90s in my family, my mother and aunts getting their jewellery designs made to order from the trusted neighbourhood jewellers. The ornaments had to be in 22 and 24-carat gold.

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Deepika Tanishq ad

So, when Tanishq introduced sleek designs in 18-carat gold, it did not initially match the taste of Indian consumers. The brand was perceived as an elitist and westernized brand.

Till 2000, Tanishq could not find its feet in the market and suffered five years of consistent losses. It was tough for them to break the stronghold of the local jewellers.

Turnaround of Tanishq 

Realizing the gaps in the offerings and the consumer taste, Tanishq shifted emphasis from modern designs to more ethnic and traditional styles and expanded the 18-carat jewellery range to include 22 and 24-carat ornaments as well.

To be seen as a more mainstream brand, Tanishq redefined their designs and got into more Indian motifs based on the prevailing trends. They gave complete freedom to the retail outlets to pick up and stock the ‘best selling’ range of designs in their stores and began seasonal and festival based promotions.

Tanishq Telegu Bride
Now, pitting against the traditional jewellers who had the stronghold in the market, Tanishq decided to differentiate by addressing the issue of gold purity. The purity of gold has always been of utmost importance to the customer, but there was always some loss of gold when one would get the purity tested by the local jewellers.

With the use of Karatmeters, imported from Germany, in their retail boutiques, Tanishq introduced a credible way to give an accurate reading of the constitution of gold in the ornament within three minutes. This proved to be the biggest USP for Tanishq in the coming years as people could now get the quality of gold checked without the loss of gold.

Gradually Tanishq emerged as the market leader in the branded jewellery segment in India.

Tanishq Promises

Addressing the typical concern of the customers, about the Purity of Gold or about getting the right value for gold, in its campaign Tanishq Promises, short advertorial films with stories from Tanishq employees explain the use of Karatmeters and demonstrate the practice of providing the best exchange value by melting gold and weighing it in front of the customer.

Tanishq promises

Now, with other national jewellery brands in India such as Gili, Nakshatra, TBZ, Kalyan, Tanishq positions itself as a trusted jewellery brand with good practices in the market and urges customers to share on social media their experience of Tanishq promises of Best Value, Purity, Great Value and Transparency.


It needs to be mentioned here that Tanishq jewellery is not hall-marked by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and certificate of purity given to Tanishq customers is not validated by BIS. But then, a recent report on Indian hallmarking by the World Gold Council, suggests that even hallmarked jewellery in India varies in purity. 

Tell me do you buy branded jewellery or prefer to buy ornaments from the local jeweller?


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    By: Somali K Chakrabarti

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Somali K Chakrabarti

Hi there! Welcome to Scribble and Scrawl! Here, I delve into themes related to positive lifestyle - from making smart-living choices, savvy financial decisions to nurturing the mind, body and soul. I share my travel experiences, explore facets of art and culture and highlight inspiring stories. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

  • Tanishq is a trusted name and has gained popularity in a few years. Moreover, the behaviour of the personnel in their stores is really praiseworthy.

    Nowadays, I think more and more people are buying branded jewellery.

  • bhudeb chakrabarti

    August 3, 2015 at 5:15 am

    A very informative post about the well known Tanisq Brand .

  • pranab chakraborti

    August 3, 2015 at 11:10 am

    No doubt Tanishq is a reputed brand nevertheless I would prefer to buy gold from local (family) jrweller. A good informative post.

  • Nice post Somali … Tanishq is a popular brand specially with this generation who want the gold shopping to be hassle free. Their staff is welltrained and offer traditional as well as contemporary designs .

    • Thanks Kokila. Yes while the older generation value the comfort associated with making purchases from the local jewellers, the present generation want the experience to be hassle free and prefer contemporary design.

  • Thanks for sharing how they work. I love this brand, but it is not that affordable. I want to buy from big brands, but as I said price is a big concern. I have two rings from Tanishq and a set from Orra. They are indeed of very high quality.

    • Thanks Saru. Besides comfort with making purchase from local jewellers (valued more by older generation) , hassle free shopping experience (valued by present generation), price and important considerations. For the same price if better designs are available, then obviously many customers will prefer local jewellers.

  • That was an interesting and informative read. I like how you weave the brand stories, Somali. Keep up the good work. :)

  • तनिष्क एक ब्रांडेड नाम। इसके नाम के साथ ही सच मे इन गहनों की गुणवत्ता भी बहुत अच्छी होती हैं। उपयोगी जानकारी शेयर की हैं आपने।

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