How to find inspiration for blog writing

How to find inspiration for blog writing

 “I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”

Some attribute this quote to Somerset Maugham, others to William Faulkner, but the fact stated in the quote does ring a bell.

The Writer’s Block

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A number of times, we find ourselves in a situation when the creative juices in our brain dry up. Ideas don’t crystalize and words don’t flow. This is what you call a writer’s block – a term previously reserved for writers and now extended to bloggers as well.

The block could last for a few hours or a few days or a few weeks, when you are not able to cook up any ideas. Inspiration simply doesn’t strike. It displays erratic behaviour, striking at its own will instead of yours.

It could indeed be an annoying situation when you want to write, but just can’t figure out what to write and how; all the more frustrating if you have deadlines to meet.


Influencing Inspiration

Is there a way by which we can influence inspiration so that instead of striking randomly at any point of time, it strikes habitually at some regular intervals?

I prefer to believe that it might be possible to train our minds to think in a particular manner that enables us to habitually draw inspiration from certain triggers. My reason for this belief is that initially when I started blogging inspiration would strike only once in a fortnight, but now it strikes almost every alternate day. Maybe, with practice and over a period of time the mind trains itself to think on certain themes in a round clock manner.

When inspiration strikes, ideas firm up in the crevices of the mind and words flow out with ease, like a stream of water gushing out of an orifice.


Where do creative ideas germinate from?

Good ideas rarely strike all of a sudden. Even a brainwave may result from certain thoughts that may have resided in some corner of your mind over a period of time.

A creative inspiration is often needed to trigger off those thoughts. The creative inspiration may come from looking at a work of art, or on hearing a great story, or while listening to music, or maybe while you take a walk in a garden. A creative inspiration may also come when you strongly feel about how something should be, perceive a conceivable gap in how things really are, and start working on your hunches for addressing it.


How to find inspiration for blog writing?

Here are some tips to help you to find inspiration for writing blog regularly.

Discussions – Discussions with like-minded people can be a great source of inspiration. One creative thought may spark another. An engaging or an uplifting discussion expands your mind in some way, thereby creating the condition for other ideas to emerge.

Prompts – Writing prompts help at times by narrowing the focus and thus allowing you to think on a theme or a pointer. Prompts often help in maintain the schedule. However prompts can sometimes get restrictive and may or may not work for all.

Identifying triggers – Triggers work differently for different people. By identifying the conditions that trigger off ideas, one can recreate those conditions. I hardly get ideas when I am looking into the laptop. Most times the ideas occur while doing some other mundane work and my inspiration for writing haikus comes from looking at beautiful images of nature. Likewise, if you get inspired by listening to an inspirational talk or music, or by watching a movie, by reading a book, by looking at art work, or while taking a walk in the garden, you can repeat these activities more often.

Taking a break –  At times, if you feel knackered, at times it is best to take a break for replenishing your creative energies and come back recharged. Fresh ideas will start cropping up in a rested mind.


A good piece of creative writing

“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind. “– Ayn Rand

Good creative writing, in my opinion, requires the presentation of a good idea in a way that elicits the desired response. Use of ornamental language without a good idea or a value proposition to the reader or without a gripping plot falls flat. Also, a good idea, if not presented properly, will not interest the reader.

 “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” –Anton Chekov

So, for the continuous influx of good ideas, it is imperative that we make inspiration to strike regularly.

Having said that, I am still trying for inspiration to strike every day in a scheduled manner.

Tell me how do you inspire yourself to write regularly?

This post is a response to the question posed by Deeshani Batra in her post Sunshine Blogger Award

What is the most difficult part of the writing process, according to you?

Before I end I would like to thank Deeshani Batra and Shweta Dave for nominating me for Sunshine Blogger, Ashish Kumar for nominating me for Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Nancy Seeger for nominating me for The Leibster Award. Sorry, Nancy for taking a hell lot of time to respond.

I know I am bending the rules and not adhering to the formats. Honestly speaking, have lately written about myself (thanks to Ravish Mani ) , so avoiding that. But then, keeping with the spirit of blogging and writing I will let the ideas flow.


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  • Super post Somali… prompts help me a lot :-) Cheers

  • Loved all your pointers, Somali. Congrats on the awards but you know I wonder why we bloggers sweat so much. If inspiration does not strike why push it? Just give oneself a tag. For those who are desperate to write, I think tags and memes provide great ideas for a post. I personally just let it go. :)

    • Million dollar question Rachna. ‘Why bloggers sweat so much’. There is absolutely nothing wrong about pacing the writing schedule as per one’s schedule or convenience or wait for inspiration to strike, but as one finds inspiration more often, one gets further motivated to write more often, so kind of self evolving or maybe an addictive process. The key, I think, lies in trying to maintain quality of content.

  • Writing itself is an inspiration. You feel so refreshed and optimistic, after writing your heart out..

  • What a wonderful post Somali !! I am in agreement with all of your points. For me personally, ideas behave like wandering sons.They enter when you least expect them :p
    Someone said that and it sticked with me :Don a serious note, prompts ,a (short) break and exploring definitely helps.
    Congratulations for the much deserving Awards dear :)

  • This is a wonderful post!! Yeah the block really does get on the nerves…..and congratulation on the awards!!

  • Great tips Somali! I get tips by reading more and more! :)

  • Lovely points, Somali.
    Nice that Deeshani posed this question :) That’s inspiring to write!

  • Personally, for me, having a deadline helps a lot. When I know there’s a deadline, ideas come out of God knows where!

  • To be honest Somali, I think the writers block is more of an excuse we keep giving ourselves not to follow through. I once read somewhere that you should write and keep writing and that is where excellence comes from – the constant action. I agree that it is difficult to write very regularly but I also think that it is a committment we have made to our readers and ourselves which will take us ahead in the long run..

  • Thanks for this lovely post :) Congrats on all the nominations :D
    For me inspiration strikes very rarely. This is another reason I began the 100HappyDays challenge. Now, I’m getting more themes and trying to channelize them :)

  • Congratulations Somali for the awards :) I am still unsure what triggers me to write… Sometimes I start to write a fiction and end up writing a and, for me its all about the emotion I carry that moment and fortunately haven’t faced a block yet :) the tips you gave in the post are very relevant and helpful :)

  • Congratulations on the award nominations.Thanks for the inspirational post. :)

  • A blogger can understand this very well. Inspirations, we need them. :)
    Congrats on your awards, it shows how popular you are! :)

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