The Great Indian Litterbug


 By Somali K Chakrabarti

Litterbug is the name; to litter is his game.

He is one you will adore, for his qualities galore.

This is the story of the 7 year old little Litterbug

Cute little Litterbug is just back from school. Hungry as hell, he throws around his bag and yells for food. His doting mother hands over an apple and some bananas to him. The little Litterbug eats the half apple and throws the other half right out of the window.

My son will grow up to be a great cricketer one day. See how he strives to perfect his aim!’ Mother Litterbug utters aloud drooling over the antics of her lil one.

The banana peel follows the half eaten apple out of the window as she lovingly looks on. He tears open a packet of chips, takes out his notebook, and starts scribbling vigorously to finish his homework before he goes out to play.

Little Litterbug
Little Litterbug


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