Practice safe selfie. No selfie is worth dying for.

Practice safe selfie. No selfie is worth dying for.
  • Selfies boost self-esteem, selfies hurt self-esteem
  • Selfies are empowering, selfies are narcissistic
  • Selfies are fun and exciting, selfies can be annoying
  • Selfies are about creative self-expression, selfies are about self-indulgence and vanity

The debate goes on…

The growing obsession with selfies has the smartphone brands competing in the markets for their coolest selfie features and cashing on the selfie fad. In a recent smartphone commercial aired on the prime TV channels, India’s ace cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is shown taking a selfie with a Lion.


Though the picture could be fake and is done in a fun spirit, yet, in my opinion showing a popular figure and a youth icon taking a selfie with the lion is ill-advised and irresponsible. Given the fact that several people have inflicted harm and injury upon themselves or upon the animals in the pursuit of snapping selfies with wild animals, celebrities should actually warn people of the risks of taking such life-threatening selfies.

Recently, a man got trampled to death while trying to take a selfie with an Elephant in Rourkela in Odisha. An endangered dolphin died in Argentina after people pulled it from the water and passed it around the beach for selfies. At the Yellowstone National Pak, five people taking selfie photographs provoked a bison into attacking them. During the annual bull-running festival in Toledo, Spain a man taking a selfie was tossed up into the air and gored to death by the bull in front of the horrified crowd.

Many such incidents have occurred all over the world.

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