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Business has only two functions – Marketing and innovation.

This quote by Peter Drucker applies just as much to blogging (both personal and business), as it applies to any other business.

The rapid evolution of social media has given a tremendous boost to blogging.  With over 197 million blogs on Tumblr  and users creating 41 million new posts on WordPress each month, it is apparent that the blogosphere is expanding at an amazing pace.

More and more people are taking to blogging and using it as a platform to express their opinion, to create awareness, to provide useful information, or to promote their business. Established businesses are also using blogs to engage with social communities.

Needless to say, it takes effort, planning and perseverance to make your blog a repository of good content that people would want to read, among the huge number of blogs that are available on the web.

First essential characteristic of a good blog is to publish quality content on a regular basis.

It requires creative thinking to continuously come up with new ideas for posts and structure those ideas in a manner that catches and holds the attention of the readers;

But that’s not all about it. 

A blog, when left to its own, seldom attracts a large number of viewers. So, as you keep writing articles, one after the other, it becomes absolutely essential to promote your blog, particularly if you wish that many people should read it.

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