Why some companies in India are still on a 6 day work week

By Somali K Chakrabarti Working for 6 days a week is never a particularly appealing idea. Most people would agree that a single Sunday is not enough to wash away the fatigue of working throughout the week. Till recently when my spouse had a 6 day work week, life outside of work was dreary, almost non-existent
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How Collaboration Impacts Productivity in Different Cultures

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  . Collaborative attitude vs. individual brilliance has always been a matter of debate. The subject elicits different responses depending on the socio-cultural context. Countries like Japan,with team driven culture, have made remarkable progress in technology, thanks to their collaborative attitude. The American system and the European systems have been able to drive innovation with
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By Somali K Chakrabarti   Very few people will dispute the fact that managing expectations is critical to the success of any relationship, be it a business relationship, a professional relationship, or a personal relationship. A business that manages to balance the customers’ expectations with its product/service emerges successful. On the other hand, a business
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