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By Somali K Chakrabarti   “God made the cat to give man the pleasure of stroking a tiger.”  ~ Joseph Mery Sometime back, I had written a post on ‘Po’ – The Little Kitten. It happens so that the playful kitten Po, now grown up by a few months,  has landed up at my house, and is keeping me on my toes.  As we are adjusting to each other’s presence, most of my time now goes in watching its antics. The kitten has peculiar habits with strange feline ways of communicating and emoting. There is a silent mystery about the creature as it disappears within the flash of a second and sneaks into the weirdest corners of the house, finding a new place to hide every day. At other times, it makes itself particularly endearing by playfully rolling on its back and rubbing its head on our feet and purring, on being petted. It butts its head, suddenly comes running and bumps me, sits on my desk, does high five, stares continuously and then blinks, curls up and sulks when scolded.  Going by the saying that when a cat bumps you and rubs against you, they “claim” you by leaving a bit…

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