Tanishq – Branding the glitter of gold

Tanishq – Branding the glitter of gold

Woman and jewellery have an old connection and traditionally Indian women have preferred gold jewellery. Gold, looked upon as an investment as well as an adornment and considered as auspicious, is purchased on festive occasions such as Diwali, Dusshera or Akshay Tritiya, and other significant occasions such as a wedding, or an engagement.

Nowadays various options for purchasing gold and diamond jewellery are available to consumers in India, but this was not always the case. Till the 1990s, consumers preferred buying their gold from family jewellers and branded retail jewellers were non-existent in India.

Then came Tanishq, a part of TATA group and the largest retail jewellery brand in India.

Tanishq = Tata/Tamilnadu+Nishq (necklace in Sanskrit) or Tan (meaning body)+ Ishq (love).

Tanishq Logo

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