Putting Kabaddi Back on Track – an Innovative CSR Intiative


By Somali K Chakrabarti

Kabbaddi is in vogue now! 


The rustic Indian game that nobody thought much about has suddenly become fashionable.

With the Television channels broadcasting the live game in its slick 45 minute format, men, women and kids alike have taken a liking to the game. Spectators are enthralled by the combination of skill, tactics, footwork, agility and the reflexes of the players. Four or five defenders coiling around a raider to bring him down, or the raider extricating himself from his opponents to retreat to his home court, make an exciting watch.

Earlier what was seen as a semi – urban or a rural game is now being viewed as strategic and even glamorous.  It is exhilarating to see the raider as he tries to discern the strategy of the defenders, and withholds his breath during the entire course of the raid in his opponents’ court, while continuously and audibly chanting the word ‘Kabaddi’.

Media coverage of the Kabaddi matches played in stadiums all over the country, cutting edge graphics and presence of celebrities have upped the glamour quotient the game and created the right buzz.

Pro Kabaddi League


Role of India Inc in resurrecting Kabaddi 


Admittedly, the credit goes to India Inc for reviving the game and presenting it in a format that appeals not only to people from the interiors of the country, but also to school going kids living in the metros, who have also started following the game. The short duration matches the young viewers’ attention span.

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