Improve indoor air quality with Royale Atmos

Improve indoor air quality with Royale Atmos

Masks have been used since ages for both ceremonial and practical purposes. I have always had a fascination for different types of masks. Whenever I go to some new place, along with the other knickknacks and souvenirs, I generally bring home a mask, which finds a place on the wall of my living room. However, lately more than the decorative masks, I have been buying face masks for protection against the rising pollution levels.

Masks – from decorative to practical

I got an anti-pollution mask when I went to Delhi last year in November. After Diwali, the air pollution levels in Delhi had reached a phenomenal high. The schools there had declared a three-day holiday during what was being called as the Great smog event, and people were advised to stay indoors. The premise was that inside our house, we were safe from pollution.

It was not until recently that I realized how wrong that perception was. My sense of safety from pollution inside the house was severely challenged after I heard that indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

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Turkish Mosaic Lamps in Mumbai

Turkish Mosaic Lamps in Mumbai

A new lamp, a piece of art can transform a room. ~ Madonna

This is exactly why I love to collect decoration pieces and wall hangings. Recently, I had been to a furniture exhibition at NSE Ground in Goregaon in Mumbai. Just at the entrance of the exhibition was a stall that had mosaic lamps hanging from the ceiling, with patterns and colours so attractive that it caught the attention of all visitors coming to the exhibition. Beautiful mementoes, figures, ceramics bowls and table trays with floral designs occupied a table, and coloured discs adorned one of the walls.

As I looked at the displays, the arabesque lamps reminded me of Aladdin’s lamp. Those exotic looking multicoloured lamps had deep jewel toned colours. The lamp globes were made of many finely cut, tiny pieces of coloured glass held by brass frames. Soft light emanating from the lamps along with the shadows cast by the lamps created an ambience of romantic intrigue. It almost felt like a genie would appear anytime around the corner! My husband pointed out that the mosaic lamps were Turkish lamps.

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A hassle free way to paint my home!

A hassle free way to paint my home!

A coloured wall enlivens the room.

I have always felt that a differently coloured wall renders a character to the room. For example, an orange- red wall adds vibrancy to a room, a blue wall renders a soothing touch, whereas a purple wall gives a luxurious feel to the room. To add an atheistic touch, I usually get one wall in each room in my house painted in a different colour.  

With time, the same look starts to get a little boring. Then begins the craving for a change! The wall in the hall of my house has been orange-red since a number of years. When I look at that wall, I often feel the need to try out a different colour.

Red wall in the hall

But then, the thought of having to scrap off the colour to paint the walls in a completely different colour is a big put off. Getting the house painted has always been a big ordeal. With the amount of dust that covers the entire place, we have to keep ourselves locked and confined in one room while the men are working. Not to mention, the condition of the men at work who inhale all that dust makes us feel guilty but helpless at the same time. I often wish if only there could be a way to escape the ordeal and yet have the wall look bright and beautiful all the time. 

The good news is that it is now possible to have a hassle painting experience! Read on to find out how. 


Berger Express Indiblogger Event 

Berger Express Indiblogger Event at Taj Vivanta

Last week when I received an invite for a Bloggers meet hosted by Berger Paints, I did not quite expect that it would change my understanding of painting the house. Having heard of similar events in Kolkata and Bangalore, I had decided to attend it, primarily to have a fun-filled weekend with my co- bloggers.

Taj Vivanta in Cuffe Parade was a perfect venue to bring together the bloggers. The event was an interesting one, filled with fun and creative activities around scraping and painting. The exhibits in the event included small round bottles of paints, and also some Express Painting tools that have been specifically designed to make the process of painting faster and hassle-free. Using generous does of the paint, we created our own work of art.

Here are the colour boxes!





Pretty girl Dipannita with the paint brush.


Berger Express Painting Tools

Among the Express painting tools, one of particular interest to me was the vacuum suction-enabled sanding machine that sucks in the sand when the old paint is scraped. It keeps your house dust-free while the painting in going on. 

Here you can see the young man Manish Chandran strike up a smart pose with the tool.


Young man, Manish Chandran with the painting tool


BergerExpressToolBergerExpress Painting Tool


The use of the Berger Express tools eases the painting process. Painters, who are trained to handle these tools can give sparkling results in less than 40% time needed for traditional painting! This means that painting the house need not be a messy, troublesome activity anymore for those who paint as well as the others who inhabit the house.

Painting can now be faster, better, cleaner

So, at the enjoyable and engaging event, I came to realize that with Express Painting, painting my home can be now an enjoyable experience! Now, I can actually think of changing the orange-red wall of my living room to a different colour. Textured purple may be!

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