Ten food quotes and a Bibimbap bowl

Ten food quotes and a Bibimbap bowl

Food is always associated with festivities in most cultures. Among the Bengalis, eating out is a norm during the Durga Puja. At the pandals, stalls are set up that sell a variety of food from different parts of the country. The trend of eating out continues on and off till Diwali and then peaks up again during the New Year.

These are the times when I usually try out different cuisines. Though my food choices are rather limited by the virtue of being a vegetarian, I look for the vegetarian version of various cuisines. Last week, during a lunch-out at Hitchki (the word means hiccup in Hindi), a restaurant in Powai,  I spotted a dish on the Menu card, with a rather strange sounding name – Bibimbap.


Seeing the unusual name, I checked out its composition.  It looked like a rice dish cooked with carrots, mushrooms, and some other ingredients. I found that the restaurant served the dish both with and without meat. I opted for the vegetarian version, which we ordered along with dim sum and bough for starters. While waiting for the order, I surfed the net to find out where this cuisine came from.  Read more

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