Five things you can give up to secure your family’s future

Five things you can give up to secure your family’s future


Festive times are the times when we cherish togetherness with our family, the most. If we happen to be away from our family during these times, we miss them the most. Just like festive celebrations, life too is incomplete without our family.

From time to time, we realize that we must do everything in our capacity to keep our family happy and to secure their future. We plan for our children’s education, their career, we plan for our vacations, yet sometimes, we miss out on planning for a constant source of income for our immediate family in our absence. We know that we need to be prepared for such an eventuality, but we often tend to underplay its importance till something drastic happens that shakes us up.

Then, we go for life insurance!

The reasons to procrastinate are many – sometimes, we are not sure which insurance plan would suit us the best, at others we are not sure if we can afford to pay the premium for the policy or how much money do we need to set aside each month for it. But, believe me, it is not at all difficult.

You can buy insurance online.

Using the online insurance calculator, you can calculate the insurance premium for your chosen plan. When you click to insure, an E-Agent can assist you in the process, or you can even arrange for a call back.


The question that pops up next is that with ever increasing expenses, how you would manage to pay the premium. That, too should not be difficult provided you are willing to make small changes to your lifestyle. Here are a few such things you can cut down on to save Rs 30 – 50 per day.  

  1. Reducing your coffee at cafe – A cup of coffee at a café costs more than Rs 100. You may consider going for a walk in a park with your friends instead of catching up with your friends at a café over cups of coffee.
  2. Using public transport or a car pool – If you drive alone to office, you may instead consider opting for a car pool or for a bus or train, on some of the days. Not only will you save up a whole lot of expenditure on petrol but you’ll also have company while travelling to work.
  3. Going for morning movie shows – When you go to a theatre to watch movies, the ticket costs are comparatively much cheaper if you go for morning shows. Watching movies online is yet another option.
  4. Avoiding promotional offers – Nowadays we are flooded daily with directed promotional offers and discounts. These offers, almost like fast food, are at times very enticing and tempt people to buy things that they do not really need. A good way to avoid such impulsive purchase is not to open all emails with promotional offers that come your way.
  5. Saving electricity costs – The age old wisdom of switching off lights, turning off electronic devices that aren’t in use, using energy saving light bulbs and unplugging chargers for laptop and mobile phone help to reduce the wastage of power, and considerably reduce the electricity bill too.  


If you start early, with a saving as little as Rs 535 / month (18/ day), you can secure your family’s future with an Rs 1 crore life insurance cover.  

Sounds too good to be true? Well, then check out for yourself on HDFC Life website.

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