Hair to There – From Frizz to Fantastic!

Hair to There – From Frizz to Fantastic!


Úde jab jab zulfein teri’,

Ýeh Reshmi Zulfon ka..’

Yeh reshmi zulfe yeh sharbati ankhe’

The common attribute for the three songs mentioned above is the word ‘Zulf’ (meaning hair). Yes, hair has featured prominently in a number of romantic Hindi songs and poetry. Not so in case of English songs or poetry…maybe the reference to hair as a romantic expression is more specific to Indian culture.

Hair also finds reference to Indian mythology. River Ganges was released from Lord Shiva’s hair to meet the needs of the country according to Hindu mythology.

But why all this fuss about hair? The simple reason is that by the end of the week hair turns frizzy and we had gathered to find a solution for dealing with the frizz of hair.


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