How Augmented Reality entertainment is drawing visitors to the R City mall

How Augmented Reality entertainment is drawing visitors to the R City mall

You create a universe by perceiving it. ~ Douglas Adams

This Sunday, I was at the RCity Mall to watch ‘Tumhari Sulu‘. Just as we were about to enter the INOX cinema hall, I saw a small crowd in front of a huge screen which was playing the live recording of people standing in front of it. Most of them were looking at the screen and were clicking or recording pictures. I looked up at the screen to see what was going on. On the screen, I could see a person wearing a spacesuit standing among the crowd. When I looked around, there was no such character. I looked at the screen again. This time I saw a pool in front of the crowd. A large polar bear walked over its edge, and it started doing somersaults. This was funny! As the polar bear went out, dolphins popped their heads out of the pool.  The dolphins were followed by a huge dinosaur that stopped to bare its pointed teeth. Gosh! There were some flying Tyrannosauruses too.

Without wasting time, I also took out my phone and started recording the proceedings on the screen. Here, have a look.

Augmented Reality at INOX RCity

The children were going crazy to see all these photo-realistic 3D characters around themselves on the screen. It appeared like we were standing in the middle of the Jurassic Park. Obviously, a number of people stood glued to the screen at any point in time.

Welcome to the world of augmented reality.

INOX has unveiled Asia’s first-ever Augmented Reality (AR) experience in the multiplex at R City in Mumbai.

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