Have a good night’s sleep with SOFY Bodyfit Overnight


‘Good night sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite’

Bedbugs can surely ruin your good night’s sleep; for a woman, so can the unease of getting a night time stain. If you are a woman reading this, then you would know how uncomfortable it is to wake up in the middle of the night, disrupting your cozy sleep, and dash to the bathroom for changing napkin to avoid staining during night hours. This can be particularly troublesome when you are traveling or camping. You may be sleeping flat on your back with little movement, or you may have devised ingenious ways to skirt the issue by using double napkins, towels or tissues, but the trouble doubles if you are prone to rashes or irritation.

So far, in India, the concept of separate packs for day and night usage did not exist.

Then, with the changing lifestyle came SOFY Bodyfit Overnight!

Launched by Unicharm, a market leader in baby and feminine care products in Japan, SOFY Bodyfit Overnight is a napkin meant specially for night usage. To think of it, if people can use separate face cream for day and night, why not use separate napkins for day & night?

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Small Acts Of Care Fuelled by Love

Small Acts Of Care Fuelled by Love


Pull of gravity

Cannot be seen, yet it is felt

In the form of Gravitational Waves

Ripples flow through the fabric of space

In a way alike, good vibes link hearts,

Build ties in the strangest ways

A heart-warming smile,

A gentle touch,

An act of care,

A warm


Break barriers, rise above frontiers, form deep




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Pick up a Hobby- Live Life Fantastico

Pick up a Hobby- Live Life Fantastico


You’re jaded, and 
want to add a little zest to your life
Pick up a hobby – play a sport, go on a drive,
Listen to music, prime your canvas, or explore wildlife;
Make a change for good, give to the society something back,

Life is not only about making a living but also about making an Impact

You will never feel lonely, with a passion, a hobby that you love,
While navigating through the life’s crests and troughs;
A peppy interest, much like a Zippy car ride,
Will zing your life, relax your mind
Give it a shot,
Give it a Go
Live Life



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Spread cheer – Donate a selfie


Selfie – a word that was sparsely used even till 2010, has gained widespread usage over the last 3-4 years. The fact that ‘Selfie’ was nominated as ‘word of the year 2013’ by the Oxford Dictionary proves how the selfie has infiltrated into our daily lives.

The concept of a selfie is not exactly a new one. Self- portraits or clicking one’s own picture with a camera have been around for quite some time. The early incarnations of the selfie were taken by people experimenting with their new cameras to see how their images would turn out. When the use of cameras became widespread, selfies were generally taken by those who would be travelling alone.

The advent of smartphones, however, has made it much easier and quicker to take selfies. Unlike the first generation selfies, selfies today can be instantly shared with friends and family or even publicly.

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5 Best Websites for buying Office Supplies online in India

5 Best Websites for buying Office Supplies online in India


‘Stationery is the lifeline of any office’

Does this sound like an exaggeration? Think of it. Much like fuel is needed to keep a car running, stationery is needed to keep an office running.

office-supplyWhen you own or manage an office, buying office supplies invariably happens to be one of the most tedious jobs that needs to be done regularly without fail. You certainly would not want to run out of cartridge when you are just about to print an important letter that needs to be urgently dispatched. Likewise, you would not want to feel exasperated when the marker stops working while you are making a presentation to your client, and you don’t find another one handy. Huh!

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Top 5 Best Small IT-BPM Companies to Work for in India

Top 5 Best Small IT-BPM Companies to Work for in India

The Digital era is expanding rapidly, bringing along with it a huge set of opportunities and its own challenges. Organizations, today, can no longer afford to stick to the Brick and Mortar model of doing business. At the same time, they stand to benefit with the use of digital platforms that provide them newer insights and new ways to reach out to their customers.

Digital transformation

My appreciation for the opportunities, as well as for the underlying challenges comes from my experience of having spent a considerable portion of my work life in IT sector. My career in the IT sector had started with my joining one of the big IT service provider companies in India, before I moved to a financial services company to join the corporate IT group.

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