Dima Hasao – Dreamland of Assam


By Bhudeb Chakrabarti

The Birds Mystery

Jatinga, a scenic village nestled among the Borail Hills range in the Dima Hasao District of Assam, is known for a strange eerie phenomenon. During misty and foggy days in the months of September to November, each year, thousands of birds come to this valley and crash to their death. As the sun sets, huge number of birds descend on the village and fly full speed, smashing against buildings and trees, to drop dead.

Jatinga Birds Mystery
Jatinga Birds Mystery | Image Source :sify.com

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People from all over the world come to see this mysterious annual phenomenon of suicide by disoriented birds, which lies unexplained so far. The renowned ornithologist Dr Salim Ali had noted,

“The most puzzling thing about the phenomenon is that so many species of diurnal resident birds are on the move when, by definition, they should be first asleep.”

This weird mass suicide phenomenon of birds has earned Jatinga the name of Death Valley for Birds.

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