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Initiation to Learning   ‘Hatey Khori’ ceremony is an event of special significance in Bengali culture. Held during the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja, a festival day dedicated to learning and education, ‘Hatey Khori’ marks a child’s initiation into reading and writing. This was the day when my daughter was initiated into writing at the age of two. Dressed up in a traditional attire – a mini saree with red border, she scribbled on a notebook in front of the goddess of learning.

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Nike – Innovation and Inspiration for Athletes

The brand that I am writing about is the one with the Swoosh logo that is placed on the side of shoes, and is amongst one of the younger brands that dominate the sportswear market around the world. Nike (Ni-KEY), named after the winged Greek goddess of Victory, was founded by American track and field coach Bill Bowerman and middle distance track runner Phil Knights on January 25, 1964. From an idea conceived by Phil Knights while writing his term paper on starting a small business, during his MBA at Stanford University, Nike’s ascent to a world’s leading sports brand makes an interesting story.

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Chumbak – A brand crafting designs with Indian motifs

Who doesn’t like to pick up souvenirs from the different places they visit? Whenever I visit any place I always make it a point to pick up some mementoes – either a small decoration piece or a key chains or fridge magnet. I remember having picked up almost a dozen of fridge magnets during a trip to Lake District in UK to be given as small gifts to friends and relatives. Two of them are still sticking on my refrigerator door. Shubhra Chadda and Vivek Prabhakar also liked to collect souvenirs from different parts of the world. What set them apart was the eye to spot that the zing was missing in the Indian souvenir market as the souvenirs available in India mainly comprised of Taj replicas and handicrafts. This sowed the idea of Chumbak in their minds and they decided to quit their corporate jobs to follow their passion and create trendy souvenirs with fun crafted Indian themes.

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Voice of Nature- Dream of harmony between humans and nature

By Somali K Chakrabarti Nature has always been a source of wonder and woe, prospect and peril, delight and danger.  ~ Voice of Nature Do you remember the fables in which the  trees, animals and birds talk among themselves, and also mingle with humans as if they were living in a seamless world? I am talking about the kind of world that is depicted in children’s magazines such as Champak, (widely popular in North India)  or the world that you see in the Disney movies or in Chronicles of Narnia. What if you suddenly discover that you had the gift of understanding what the birds and animals are talking about? Won’t you be interested to peep into their world?

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Brand Story of Levi’s – The Authentic Denim

‘Wear them ever, wash them never,’ is the adage that goes with Jeans. Now, if you are a mom, I can imagine you have already wrinkled your nose, but hold on! The post is not to tell you why not to wash your Jeans, but to tell you the story of how Jeans, quintessentially a young thing, came into existence with Levi’s, even before the first automobile was developed or Coca Cola was made.  

Travel and Culture

Coorg – The scenic hill district of Karnataka.

By Somali K Chakrabarti Taking the time out for a vacation during summers is a routine with most families, and ours is no exception. At the end of May, to seek respite from the scorching summer heat of Mumbai, we had decided to go to the hill district of Coorg via Mangalore. I have, since been contemplating to jot down some highlights of the trip to preserve the memories. Within a span of a month, when I found myself going to Mangalore once again last week, I thought that I absolutely must write this post before it gets too late. Mangalore is an hour’s flight from Mumbai. The Mangalore airport is on top of a hill with two table top runways. Acres of greenery covering the hills all around is pleasing to the eyes. A winding road takes us down the airport. Mangalore to Coorg is a three hour drive. We had decided to spend the day at Mangalore and start for Coorg early next morning.

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