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Digital India – An Initiative to Transform Lives

By Somali K Chakrabarti   India is heading towards an internet economy worth USD 200 billion by 2020, that will contribute 5 per cent of the GDP. – Report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).   Digital India – A Transformational Initiative The Digital India initiative, envisioned by the Govt of India, aims to transform India into digital empowered society and knowledge economy by leveraging IT as a growth engine to enable change. With 850 million mobile users and 243 million internet users in 2014, India is all set to ride the wave of digitization and grow into a strong digital economy. Centered on the 3 Key areas of Improving the digital infrastructure Providing Services on Demand Digital empowerment of citizens Digital India Initiative, has the potential to positively impact the lives of all citizens of India, irrespective of where they come from. A digitally enabled India can bridge the gap between urban and rural areas by virtually connecting far flung areas of the country and empowering citizens to avail services with ease from any place within the country.

Business Zone – Affordable Internet for All

By Somali K Chakrabarti   India – A Break Out Nation India, a home to 243 million internet users in 2014, is poised to rapidly improve its digital readiness and develop into a strong digital economy. The steep rise in the number of mobile phone users in India will bring into the fold many such users who did not have access to internet before, and with little or no idea of how or why internet is useful for them. Based on the premise that connectivity is the right of all human beings, Facebook has launched the initiative to bring down the cost of internet access by extending basic internet access free of cost to mobile smartphone and feature phone users in different developing countries.


Social Media on Mobile – Convenience or Addiction?

 By Somali K Chakrabarti You are what you share.  – C.W. Leadbeater   The above saying has gained relevance, more than ever before, in this age of social media. Breaking the barriers of age, hierarchy, gender, status and geography, social media allows us to express our views, share ideas, bridge distances and connect with like minded people. I have to admit that I have taken to social media like a fish takes to water. Social media has become an integral part of my life, to the extent, that a day without social media now appears to me almost like a day without electricity


Blog Engage – A Helpful community to promote your blog

  Business has only two functions – Marketing and innovation. This quote by Peter Drucker applies just as much to blogging (both personal and business), as it applies to any other business. The rapid evolution of social media has given a tremendous boost to blogging.  With over 197 million blogs on Tumblr  and users creating 41 million new posts on WordPress each month, it is apparent that the blogosphere is expanding at an amazing pace. More and more people are taking to blogging and using it as a platform to express their opinion, to create awareness, to provide useful information, or to promote their business. Established businesses are also using blogs to engage with social communities.   Needless to say, it takes effort, planning and perseverance to make your blog a repository of good content that people would want to read, among the huge number of blogs that are available on the web. First essential characteristic of a good blog is to publish quality content on a regular basis.     It requires creative thinking to continuously come up with new ideas for posts and structure those ideas in a manner that catches and holds the attention of the readers; But…


From Owning Profits to Owning Network: Shift in paradigm for Digital businesses

Over the last few days, there has been a lot of buzz around social media businesses fetching insanely high valuations including  Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion. On one hand, the conservative traditional investors are perplexed with the high valuations of social media companies, on the other hand some traders with investments in social media are laughing their way to the bank. The fact is that ‘Social Media’ businesses differ from ‘Traditional’ Businesses both in terms of ‘Value’ they create and in terms of the methods used for ‘Valuing’ these companies. While products and services of traditional businesses serve tangible needs of the market, digital social businesses mostly create new needs either by enhancing user experience, or by  seducing users with an unique experience or an emotional appeal. Traditional businesses generally have a fixed organization structure, start from a local market and later expand to global markets. In contrast, digital/social businesses are global from day one and thrive on collaborative structures based on interaction with online communities; if such companies manage to capture imagination, growth can be instantaneous. Candy Crush, the mobile phone game has been downloaded more than 500 million times since its launch in 2012 and is…


So What Type Of A Social Media User Are You?

. While it is a commonly known fact that the number of people accessing internet is growing, some key facts worth noting are : More than one third of the world’s total population have internet access. The number of cell phones is expected to surpass  the global population of 7 billion in 2014. Nearly 73% of online adults now use a social networking site of some kind. To think about it, with the penetration of internet and global mobile outreach growing by the day, sites such as Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn and other networking websites are becoming an integral part of our daily lives. So much so, that we check our Facebook, Twitter accounts right in the morning even before we start our work, during the day we post to these accounts and we also log in before we retire for the day to  keep ourselves updated on what’s happening around. In fact, social media has become a phenomenon that has changed the way in which we which we seek & share information and interact with our friends, colleagues and other people across the world. . Organizations maintain their online presence on Facebook , Twitter, Flickr , Google+, Pinterest , MySpace , Digg and other…

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