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Pepsi – For the Generation ‘NOW’

Pepsi, the cola for the ‘NOW’ generation, is my brand for today’s #AtoZChallenge, for the theme ‘Brands that people identify with’. You might be a tad surprised to know that the Pepsi brand, targeted at the youth market, is no less than a hundred years old. The Pepsi-Cola syrup was formulated in the late 1890s, by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham living in New Bern, North California.  

Brand Story

Oreo – Celebrating Togetherness | A to Z Challenge

Oreo, the world’s favourite cookie for over 100 years, is my brand for today’s #AtoZChallenge, for the theme ‘Brands that people identify with’. Growing up from its humble beginnings in a Nabisco (National Biscuit Company) bakery in New York City, the hundred plus cookie brand is the bestselling cookie brand of the 21st century.

Brand Story

Nescafe – Connecting Coffee and Well-Being

Nescafé, a blend of the words Nestlé and café, is the world’s most popular coffee brand. The flagship brand of the Swiss food giant Nestlé, was first introduced in Switzerland on April 1, 1938. In the 1930s, the Brazilian Government had planned to preserve the surplus of Brazilian coffee harvest. Nestlé used the unsold coffee to develop instant coffee, and in 1938, launched the soluble coffee product, named Nescafé, in Switzerland.

Brand Story

Kellogg’s – Advocating the power of breakfast

Kellogg’s, is my choice of brand today, for #AtoZChallenge, for the theme ‘Brands that people identify with’. Founded as the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company on February 19, 1906, by Will Keith Kellogg, Kellogg’s produced and marketed the hugely successful Kellogg’s Toasted Corn Flakes and was renamed the Kellogg Company in 1922. Kellogg’s soon became a household name and a trusted mark.

Brand Story

D for Danone | A To Z Challenge

While Disney is the perhaps the best known brand, starting with D, but my pick for today’s  #AtoZChallenge for the theme ‘Brands that people identify with’, is Danone, as its healthy food products find their way into our homes. In 1919, Isaac Carasso, started a small yogurt business in  Barcelona, Spain and named it “Danone,” meaning “Little Daniel” after his son. Carasso came from the Balkans, where yogurt was a dietary staple; and so he decided to introduce this healthy product in Barcelona.    

Brand Story

C for Coca-Cola | A To Z Challenge

Keeping in line with my theme ‘Brands that people identify with’, for #AtoZChallenge, the brand that I’ll write about today, is Coca Cola – the fizzy drink that is recognized by young and old alike all over the world. This iconic brand, which is sold in over 200 different countries, was launched way back in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia!    

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