Beauty with a Heart : The Body Shop | A to Z Challenge


The alphabet for today is B; the brand that comes to my mind is  The Body Shop. In line with my theme for the #AtoZChallenge, ‘Brands that people identify with’, my today’s pick is The Body Shop.

Beauty with a Heart‘ is what the brand stands for.

This company too, was found in the UK in 1976, the same year when Apple was founded in the US.

Body Shop logo


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A for Apple | A To Z Challenge



Apple turned a year short of 40 today. Born in a garage in the US, on 1st April, 1976, Apple grew up to become one of the world best brands under the care of its founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

First official Apple logo used from April 1977 to August, 1999. | Image credit : wikipedia

My theme for the challenge being ‘Brands that people identify with’, what could be a more apt name than Apple to begin my  #AtoZ Challenge with?

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I am taking up the A To Z Challenge


Having read a lot about the merits of a self- hosted blog over a blog, over the last few days I was in two minds whether to move my blog Scribble and Scrawl to a self- hosted blog or to stay put. Finally, after some deliberation, I decided against moving from to, at least for now.

But then, bitten by the blogging bug and ever ready to explore new options, I could not entirely rule out the option of starting a new self-hosted wordpress blog.


So, today when I read fellow blogger Ruby Singh’s post on participating in the A to Z Challenge, it suddenly occurred to me what could be a better way to start this new blog Life11, than to take up a challenge right at the onset.

So here I am, taking up the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Since the blog is all about celebrating Life, the category obviously is Lifestyle. My theme for the challenge will be ‘Brands that people identify with‘.

I am keeping my fingers crossed in the hope that I will be be able to cover all alphabets from A to Z without a break.

Are you taking up the challenge?


Why Storytelling is a Powerful Business Skill


By Somali K Chakrabarti

I am not an avid TV watcher, but often when I do, a remarkable advertisement ‘Will of Steel’ never fails to catch my eyes.

This advertisement shows a girl, in a village in Haryana, getting up in the morning, putting on her shoes, and going out for a run, followed by practising crunches and weight lifting. Another lady in the house is shown lighting incense sticks, sweeping the house, washing clothes and preparing food.

Geeta Phogat - Will of Steel
Will of Steel


A background commentary in rustic Haryanvi language sermons the duties of a woman.

A woman must get up before the sunrise, offer prayers and get into the kitchen to get on with the household chores.

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Here’s how 3 Brands created an Emotional connect


By Somali K Chakrabarti

A brand is an emotion your customers have associated with your company.

Emotions, it is said are more psychological than logical.

In the fiercely competitive market, where consumers are spoilt for choices owing to the presence of a number of companies that sell similar products, it is only natural that all brands vie for attention.

Yet, amongst the several brands that scream out loud to make their presence felt, there are still a few brands that quietly sneak in into your lives and intertwine with your good memories.

Here’s how 3 brands, instead of imposing their products upon people, chose to form their marketing strategy around the people to create an emotional connect.


1. Creating good memories

TATA AIGFestival times are generally associated with fond memories. These are also the times when many companies expend a chunk of their marketing spend.

Most of the big Navaratri, Durga Puja celebrations are usually sponsored by companies, ranging from jewellery, to real estate, to insurance policies, and a host of others which capitalize on the marketing opportunity for exposure before the huge number of people who join the festivities.

During my visit to one of the Durga pooja celebrations at Andheri, what caught my interest was the different approach of Tata AIG.

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