5 Skills that you can develop with Blogging

Blogging as a trend is on the rise, with blogs increasingly emerging as a mainstream media platform. Whereas earlier the Blogosphere in India was heavily dominated by men, but now many women students, homemakers and working women are also entering the blogging arena. The availability of blogging platforms, formation of blogging communities and the widespread use of social
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 “I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.” Some attribute this quote to Somerset Maugham, others to William Faulkner, but the fact stated in the quote does ring a bell. The Writer’s Block A number of times, we find ourselves in a situation when the creative juices in our
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Business has only two functions – Marketing and innovation. This quote by Peter Drucker applies just as much to blogging (both personal and business), as it applies to any other business. The rapid evolution of social media has given a tremendous boost to blogging.  With over 197 million blogs on Tumblr  and users creating 41
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