Jaipur: My solo trip – Part II

Jaipur: My solo trip – Part II

 By Somali K Chakrabarti

Continued from Jaipur: My first impressions.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar” meaning “instruments for measuring the harmony of the heavens” is situated right opposite the City Palace in Jaipur. Coming out of the gates of City Palace, I stopped at the ticket window to purchase the entry tickets to the observatory.

As I entered I found that the observatory complex is a large one, and has a collection of several (19 in all) architectural astronomical instruments that had been constructed in the early 18th century, with stone, marble and bronze. These devices were used to measure time and space, and for observing the astronomical positions of planets and stars. One of the instruments was the world’s biggest stone sundial, which gives the local time with an accuracy of 2 seconds.




Of particular interest to me were twelve instruments, known as Zodiacic Circles, which were used for measuring the latitude and longitude of celestial bodies. There are twelve such instruments corresponding to each zodiac sign.

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Jaipur: My first impressions


 By Somali K Chakrabarti


On the last post Why women should travel alone at least once,’ many readers shared their valuable thoughts, highlighting things that may seem obvious but nonetheless are very crucial for female travellers.

Mabel Kwong, who is an avid traveller, pointed out that while preparing for solo travel, she plans very thoroughly and checks out if the place has been in news recently for any wrong reasons. I couldn’t have agreed more.

Monica, a travel consultant understands the initial fear of some of her clients to travel solo, and feels happy when she helps them to overcome their fear. Jennifer Jeneu finds solo travel empowering. Em Aboard believes that you definitely take in your surroundings much more when you travel alone.

Travelling solo helps us to connect with self and the surrounding with equal vigour,’ says Nihar Pradhan.

True that! Being in a different place and in a different context helps us to see things in a new light, and being on our own makes us more perceptive to our surroundings. Based on our perceptions of the place, we form our impressions of the place.

In this post, I share my impressions of the city of Jaipur, while on the solo trip.


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Solo Travel: Why women should travel alone at least once

Solo Travel: Why women should travel alone at least once

It’s been an exceptionally long break of about two weeks from blogging for me. Just in case you are wondering where I had disappeared, here I am back before the year end, scribbling down my thoughts. Resuming after a break sometimes becomes a bit challenging, but then I remembered the advice that I often dish out to others about blogging regularly, and pushed myself out of my self-imposed hiatus.

With the year coming to an end, my stream of ideas was somehow drying up. I was also yearning for a change and wanted to break away from my routine. But, with a new member in our house– a cat named Po, a family vacation is not feasible. Po happens to be an overtly sensitive creature, who is a source of constant amusement to us but he needs to see known faces around him and he cannot be left alone overnight.


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10 Quotes on the Joys of a Good Conversation

10 Quotes on the Joys of a Good Conversation

 By Somali K Chakrabarti

Stimulating Conversations

Some conversations flow spontaneously, create uplifting vibes, and leave you upbeat and energized. These conversations go beyond the icebreakers, normal pleasantries, small talks and jokes, discussions on mundane matters, or venting out problems and happen to be more engaging, and mentally stimulating. Possibly because these conversations are around things that we may care deeply about or may help us to discover new things about ourselves, or to develop new perspectives. While silly chatter with close friends often help to unwind, engaging conversations reveal the depth of one’s personality and sometimes they may leave a deep impression on the mind.

Good conversation is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.  — Anne Morrow Lindbergh. 

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Churning Of The Ocean – A Tanka


By Somali K Chakrabarti

ChurningThe Ocean

Image Source

Churning the ocean
In a bid to separate
the black from the white —
reveal the hidden demons
in a million shades of grey!!

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Jewel of the Night


By Somali K Chakrabarti

Image Source

A canoe set sail
in the middle of the night
The boy saw a jewel
hanging from the sky
When wind pushed the boat
to the beat of waves
The jewel slid down
and rested at the edge
The boy thus tempted,
cast his net and hook
Little did he know
that the moon was a crook
Beckoning him with a smile,
The moon lit the sea
As fast as he could,
the boy sailed forth in his reverie
“Come up here,” he heard the moon say
But the horizon, forever
held him at bay
For a long time,  moon kept up the play
then it dipped into the sea
…and quietly slipped away

© Somali K Chakrabarti, 2016

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