June 2017


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Monsoon has arrived in Mumbai. The sun has gone on leave and the overcast sky is pouring since morning. My cat had been running around, inside the house like a misfired missile since morning. He has now got tired, curled up and gone to sleep. From my window, I can see the children coming out with their umbrellas to enjoy the first proper rain of the season. A weather such as this has got my creative cells ticking. So, I have compiled this video cover for this ‘smart living’ blog using some pictures from my Instagram feed. I hope that this conveys the essence of mindful, healthy, smart and positive living. I have used this as a cover for the Facebook Page. If you are on Facebook, please do like this Facebook page. I will keep the post short. Do let me know how did you find the video? O, I realised that I did not include my cat in the video after Mr ABHIRAY59 who blogs on pointed out. So, I am including here, a picture of Po peeping out of the window in the morning. PO is not much of a poser and doesn’t like to be clicked but maybe…

Personal Finance

Are you making your money work for you?


It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you. ~Robert Kiyosaki   Just as you work hard to make money, you must ensure that your money also works for you. Merely saving money is not enough, it should be invested properly so that it grows in value and helps you to realise your financial goals.   Why do you need to grow your money? Nobody needs to be told how unpleasant inflation is! It erodes the value of your money. As prices go up due to inflation, the same money will fetch you lesser goods. You cannot control inflation but you can beat the inflation by protecting yourself against it. That is possible when your money also grows in value at least equal to or more than the increase in the cost of living. Your investment should help you at least to preserve the purchasing power of your money.   Lifestyle Inflation But then, inflation is not the only devil.  When you make more money, you tend to spend more. Your and your family’s standard of living goes up and you incur more expenses to maintain that standard. The increase…


What is Lifestyle Blogging? Why is it ideal for content marketing?


‘What is Lifestyle blogging?’ ‘Do Lifestyle bloggers write only about designer wear, expensive furnishings and shopping habits?’ ‘What is the difference between a lifestyle blog and a personal blog?’ ‘Can you use your lifestyle blog to make money?’ I am often faced with a barrage of questions such as these from people who want to know more about the trend of blogging that is picking up speed at an incredible rate, so I decided to come up with this post. Before we get to the blogging part, let us see what lifestyle means. Lifestyle refers to the way in which people live. It is expressed in both work and leisure behaviour patterns of individuals and in their activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, and allocation of income. Taking this definition of lifestyle from the Business Dictionary, let’s see what a lifestyle blog is. What is a lifestyle blog? From the various definitions, I particularly like this comprehensive definition given by Evan from A lifestyle blog is defined as the digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests. A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated from their personal interests and daily activities. A lifestyle blog delves into themes related…

Travel and Culture

Kathmandu Places to Visit – My travel memoirs Part II


Continued from Kathmandu Top Attractions: My trip to the City of Temples (Part I) During our stay in Kathmandu, we were deliberating on going to Nagarkot or Pokhara, but travelling to either of these places meant that we would need to spend a night there to see the sunset and the sunrise. Given our short schedule, we ruled out the visit to these places, as it would be difficult to drive back in the evening after sunset. These are the tourist places in Kathmandu that we visited instead: Doleshwar Mahadeva About 20 km away from Kathmandu city centre, is a temple called Doleshwar Mahadeva, which is believed to be the head of Kedarnath temple, one of the most prominent Hindu pilgrimages in Uttarakhand, India.  Given its religious significance, Birbal suggested that we go there. It was a pleasant uphill drive with views of terraced hills and the valley. On the way up, I requested Birbal to stop at places from where we could get good views. He willingly obliged. On reaching the temple, we found that it is a small, quaint place in the lap of the hills. The Shiva sculpture at the Doleshwar shrine is supposed to be 4000 years…

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