Turkish Mosaic Lamps in Mumbai

A new lamp, a piece of art can transform a room. ~ Madonna

This is exactly why I love to collect decoration pieces and wall hangings. Recently, I had been to a furniture exhibition at NSE Ground in Goregaon in Mumbai. Just at the entrance of the exhibition was a stall that had mosaic lamps hanging from the ceiling, with patterns and colours so attractive that it caught the attention of all visitors coming to the exhibition. Beautiful mementoes, figures, ceramics bowls and table trays with floral designs occupied a table, and coloured discs adorned one of the walls.

As I looked at the displays, the arabesque lamps reminded me of Aladdin’s lamp. Those exotic looking multicoloured lamps had deep jewel toned colours. The lamp globes were made of many finely cut, tiny pieces of coloured glass held by brass frames. Soft light emanating from the lamps along with the shadows cast by the lamps created an ambience of romantic intrigue. It almost felt like a genie would appear anytime around the corner! My husband pointed out that the mosaic lamps were Turkish lamps.

A slice of Turkey in Mumbai 

I wondered why it hadn’t struck me earlier. After all, they looked so unique and different. The gentleman who had put up the stall told us that he was from Turkey. His stall offered a slice of the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, where such ornamental mosaic lamps are sold in plenty. We asked him if he had a shop in Mumbai. Unfortunately, he did not. He had brought the stuff from Turkey for the purpose of displaying at the exhibition.  I clicked a few pictures before we proceeded to the other stalls.

Glass Making – A traditional craft of Turkey 


Later, I read about the art of mosaic lamps, and I came to know that glass-making is one of the most ancient and advanced crafts among the Turks, known for making mosaic lamps of astonishing quality. Big plates of colourful glasses are cut by artisans into small pieces, which are used to create the motifs. There is no usage of dye in making these mosaic lamps. 

We went around to the other stalls at the exhibition, and then again came back to the first stall to buy some of the decorative pieces. This time, I noticed that the lamps and the other decorative items had a handcrafted look about them. I closely observed the different pieces.  Adorned with floral motifs and traditional Ottoman geometric patterns, each piece was ornamental and visually expressive. I was particularly drawn towards the bright blue ceramic figures of a Sufi doing a whirling dervish.

On asking the price, I found that the most of the articles were priced between Rs 500 to Rs 3000, which seemed reasonable, given the aesthetics and uniqueness. We walked out of the exhibition ground with a small lamp, a hanging good luck charm and the statue of a whirling dervish.


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    • April 11, 2017 at 4:50 am

      Beautiful they were. Thank you Maniparna. I have not been not keeping up with the posts. The blogging time has somehow got diverted to insta. Just trying to get things to be more manageable so that I can get back the balance. Thinking of merging the two blogs now. Will catch up with your posts tom or day after. Please don’t mind the delay. 🙂

      • April 11, 2017 at 7:29 pm

        Aare…na na… mind kawrar kichhu nei! It happens. I give hardly 10 minutes to Insta and have stopped being active on Facebook for the last two weeks. It’s really a problem to be active equally everywhere… I can understand… 🙂

  • May 17, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    The lamps are aesthetically beautiful and the feeling of bringing stillness in your home. Amazing decorative pieces.


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