Café Mojo – A cool hangout in Mumbai


A weekend clears away the rust of the whole week.

Come Friday, and I start looking forward to the weekend ahead to break the monotony of the week. As much as I love to explore new places, but what usually happens is that I and my husband often end up going to the same places over and over again. So much so that at times I yearn for a change from the places that we usually hang out in during the weekends. Last weekend a change came in form of an invite to an exclusive dinner for bloggers at Café Mojo.

Cafe Mojo


Cafe Mojo – The English pub with a Goan twist

On checking out the website and found that Café Mojo, stands out as an authentic English pub with a Goan twist. The place being located inside Goldfinch hotel in Andheri East, which is pretty close to where I live, I was quick to accept the invite. On Sunday evening I showed up at the scheduled time with my husband and daughter in tow for a wine and dine session at Café Mojo. To my pleasant surprise, though the invite permitted me to bring along one guest, they extended the invite to both my family members. That, I thought was pretty cool!


Indoor Area – Cafe Mojo Mumbai


Ambience and Experience

As we entered I found that the place wasn’t too crowded but had a lively buzz. The décor was warm, and casual, and the setting was just perfect for spending a relaxed night out with friends and/or family. The place is divided into 3 sections- a cosy indoor area, an outdoor restaurant and a rooftop Sheesha area. The indoor part has a wall sized screen in front and a bar at the back.

Much to my relief songs played in the background by the DJs were in sync with the upbeat nature of the pub without being distracting or too loud.


Cozy Ambience


Food and drinks

We settled down at one of the high tables with a self-serving beer pump, and proceeded to order some appetizers and drinks for the evening. Both the lists were equally impressive with their wide range and exotic names. For starters we had a vegetarian Caesar salad, a unique dish called Melting Pot that was served in Panipuri shells, and Lamb balls covered in spicy and slightly tangy gravy sauce. The salad, I must say was refreshingly light. Finding my favourite liqueur, I ordered for an Irish bailey, which went down well with the sliders.  

Food at Cafe Mojo
Food and Drink

After the first round of drinks and starters we decided to go upstairs to the rooftop that was thankfully open air, so the smoke never lingered and there was a nice and quiet view to sit and enjoy while going for sheesha. The sheesha, while small in size had a good flavour and was made quickly by the waiter. 

Rooftop Area – Cafe Mojo


In some time, we returned back down for the main course. By this time the place was starting to get more crowded and everyone around looked to be enjoying themselves. We ordered for a veg wrap and chicken burger. While the vegetarian wrap was a bit too large, the non-vegetarian selection was delicious. The most impressive part of the dishes was be the presentation and the price range. Not too heavy on the pockets and a pretty picture managed to elevate the taste of the food.

Overall Impression

The crowd present was social and cheerful. The waiters and managers of the place put their best efforts into ensuring everyone was happy with their food and regularly checked in for feedback.

At the end of the night I realized this place had exceeded my expectations. Café Mojo is definitely on my list of the best Night Hangouts in Mumbai for unwinding. 

For those who want to relax and get their mojo back after a tiring day at work this place is a must try!


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