Have a good night’s sleep with SOFY Bodyfit Overnight

‘Good night sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite’

Bedbugs can surely ruin your good night’s sleep; for a woman, so can the unease of getting a night time stain. If you are a woman reading this, then you would know how uncomfortable it is to wake up in the middle of the night, disrupting your cozy sleep, and dash to the bathroom for changing napkin to avoid staining during night hours. This can be particularly troublesome when you are traveling or camping. You may be sleeping flat on your back with little movement, or you may have devised ingenious ways to skirt the issue by using double napkins, towels or tissues, but the trouble doubles if you are prone to rashes or irritation.

So far, in India, the concept of separate packs for day and night usage did not exist.

Then, with the changing lifestyle came SOFY Bodyfit Overnight!

Launched by Unicharm, a market leader in baby and feminine care products in Japan, SOFY Bodyfit Overnight is a napkin meant specially for night usage. To think of it, if people can use separate face cream for day and night, why not use separate napkins for day & night?




The noticeable features worth a mention are:

  • The top layer of the napkin is made of super absorbent cotton, which makes it much more comfortable to wear than synthetic material. So, it is a boon for those who are prone to itchiness and rashes by the use of napkins.
  • The length is quite long, the napkin has wings to secure the pad and a wider hip guard at the back, which offers good protection and extra coverage to prevent stains. It is available in 2 sizes – 350 mm XXL and 420 mm XXXL. Well, the 420 mm size length is supposed to be the longest sanitary napkin available in India.
  • The glue quality being good, the napkin remains snugly in place.
  • The Flexi absorbent system, makes the napkin turn-twist with the body to prevent leakage, no matter in which position you sleep. The double absorbent core continues to absorb from night until morning.
  • The ‘all-night’ tag holds good for moderate flow.
  • The napkin is available in packs of 5, 10 and 20 pieces for the XXL size and in a pack of 3 pieces for the XXXL size. Each pad comes in an individual cotton paper wrap, which makes it convenient to carry a single piece and is to be used to wrap and dispose a used napkin.
  • Price of the napkin, one may feel, is slightly on the higher side, but is good for the features offered considering that it takes care of all the night time troubles. 


We have come a long way from the days when belted napkins were the only available choice in the market. With improvement in lifestyle of people, the demand for sanitary napkins will go up in the coming years, and so will the demands for specific requirements.

The Indian Feminine Hygiene products industry, has so far been dominated by P&G Hygiene and Healthcare Ltd., with its Whisper range of sanitary wear followed by Johnson & Johnson Ltd., with its products such as Stayfree and Carefree. 

With newer female hygiene products such as SOFY entering the market, more and more women will be able to maintain cleanliness and hygiene and enjoy a comfortable sleep without worrying about leaving stains or going through the hassles of changing the pad at night during the periods. 


I received an invitation to write about the brand.

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