June 2016


Impact of Uttarakhand Forest Fire

By Somali K Chakrabarti Image Source   A few weeks back I had written a poem on Forest Fire.  Here is a following  write up by Reshma Gandhi, elaborating upon the impact of the Forest Fire and the related environmental concerns. A fierce forest fire blazed across the state of Uttarakhand in May. Ruthless and punishing it created havoc and disaster. Several viewpoints emerge to get us thinking. Was it the aridity of the forest that prompted it? Did the combustible chir pine trees attract it? Political greed too seems to be the motive behind this relentless destruction. What triggered the Uttarakhand fire is yet unanswered.

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Rexit : Goodbye RBI Governor Rajan

By Somali K Chakrabarti   The economy was in tatters, inflation was sky high When, Raghuram Rajan was placed at the helm of the RBI While the nation swooned on his charm he had to prove his mettle, walking on a rope tight challenges were aplenty; he put up a tough fight –   His actions bore the fruits – the situation is no longer fragile Inflation has halved, reserves have swelled, and currency stabilized, It was but natural that people were keen that Rajan would hold his second term on the Mint Street, for a time window in which the economy would completely heal   Yet as he bids goodbye, the send-off is left unexplained People are upset, feeling the sting and pain As a few in the power seats glee, and corner his credit It seems that perhaps he refused to play the game For the whims and fancies of some, merit loses yet once again   The exit of Raghuram Rajan as the RBI Governor has left people shocked. Yu can find the article on ‘Why Rajan’s exit has people worrying’ on this link on Eonomics Times   http://goo.gl/Y5B84m     If you like this post, please consider following the blog.   Please like,…

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Feline Quotes

By Somali K Chakrabarti   “God made the cat to give man the pleasure of stroking a tiger.”  ~ Joseph Mery Sometime back, I had written a post on ‘Po’ – The Little Kitten. It happens so that the playful kitten Po, now grown up by a few months,  has landed up at my house, and is keeping me on my toes.  As we are adjusting to each other’s presence, most of my time now goes in watching its antics. The kitten has peculiar habits with strange feline ways of communicating and emoting. There is a silent mystery about the creature as it disappears within the flash of a second and sneaks into the weirdest corners of the house, finding a new place to hide every day. At other times, it makes itself particularly endearing by playfully rolling on its back and rubbing its head on our feet and purring, on being petted. It butts its head, suddenly comes running and bumps me, sits on my desk, does high five, stares continuously and then blinks, curls up and sulks when scolded.  Going by the saying that when a cat bumps you and rubs against you, they “claim” you by leaving a bit…

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