Noise in Mind – A Haiku

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Noise in Mind

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In its pursuit for

silence all around, the mind

ceaselessly chatters!


© Somali K Chakrabarti



A Haiku is a Japanese poem consisting of 17 syllables in 3 lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third lines and 7 in the second.


Lei: A wreath for your soul  is a string of short poems reflecting on nature, life, illusion and inspiration.Lei




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  • True that!
    That one was a Great Haiku 🙂

  • Thank you Somali for telling me what’s Haiku 😀

  • The mind is never still… 🙂 and is constantly talking away.. 🙂 Enjoy a peaceful weekend Somali..

  • Very true. Mind is always in a fluid state.

  • Wow! Just wow!

    If I were to judge your haiku, Somali, I’d consider this to be your finest! What a concept and thought! I’m speechless!

    You are awesome in haiku and tanka, but I just couldn’t resist reading it multiple times! You have summed up a lot, a world, in a few syllables! Kudos!

  • This was an excellent photo and haiku. Take care, Somali!

  • Mind is the one which never sits still and is always on the move. You’ve summed up the essence n this haiku…wonderful… 🙂

  • This superb haiku goes to show that the thinking mind can never be turned off — so much depth here, Somali. Outstanding.

  • In a few words you have summed the essence…the paradox of life.

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