Budget 2016 Quotes

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Budget Haiku

Market commotion

cools as budget scrutiny picks

devil is in the fine print

A day post Budget, newspapers  are rife with Budget analysis, the uncertainty is over and market is up again.

With India having been hailed as a ‘bright spot’ amidst a slowing global economy by IMF, the budget focus has been on

  • Ensuring macro-economic stability and prudent fiscal management.
  • Boosting on domestic demand
  • Continuing with the pace of economic reforms and policy initiatives to change the lives of people for the better.

Budget has different impact for different people. Here are some Budget Haiku to highlight a few key features of the Budget 2016. 

Budget Haiku

Fiscal caution spurs

anticipation for lower

Interest rates  

As the government sticks to a fiscal deficit target of 3.5% for fiscal 2015, market experts are of the view that RBI may ease interest rates further in the next monetary policy to spur demand.

Budget Haiku

Roads to join remote

markets with farms to ease the toil

for tillers of soil

Focus on highways and roads to connect remote villages with cities will give the farmers better access  to the markets, where there goods are sold.


Freedom from tax for

first three years for startups will help

lower entry barrier

To give a boost to startups for generating employment, the budget allows for tax exemption for the first three years of inception of a startup. This would ease the entry barriers and empower entrepreneurship.

Budget Haiku4

Pay more for travel,

car, branded attire, less in your

kitty when you retire

Air fare, Cars , branded garments, locally made mobiles,  smart watches, cigarettes and aerated drinks will be costlier.

Until now, NPS was completely taxable on maturity (on retirement), while EPF was not. PF schemes enjoyed the tax status of exempt-exempt-exempt (EEE), meaning no tax on contribution, interest or at withdrawal).

To bring about parity in New Pension Scheme and other retirement schemes, the government has decided to impose tax at the time of withdrawal on 60 per cent of the contributions made after 1 April, 2016, to EPF and other schemes. The setback for the salaried class has met with strong reactions on social media.

With no major negative announcements, and the budget being considered as inclusive and neutral. the market has surged again.


Lei: A wreath for your soul  is a string of short poems reflecting on nature, life, illusion and inspiration.Lei

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  • I am sure that you must be the first person on the planet to compose Budget Haiku!

  • Beautiful application of left and right brains together. Well, you should apply for the copyright of the term ‘Budget Haiku.’ 🙂

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  • Budget 2016 well defined in few quotes. Even those who do not understand the intricacies of the budget and finance may comprehend budget 2016 with going through these quotes. Keep it up Somali Ji.

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    Poetic expression of the mundane subject of budget. A lively and breezy post.

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