‘Po’ – The Little Kitten

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Po Little Kitten

This is ‘Po‘, a little kitten, who was adopted by some kind souls after it lost its way into a garage. Po seems to be relishing all the attention and the warmth of its new home. Look at the funny expression on its face.


Funny Kitten




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  • So loving in the pic, she’s adorable. We have our Mili (dog) at home. Someone asked me where we found her? I said Mili found us on the road in 2011 🙂 She’s now no longer ‘homeless’, she’s cuddly and warm and so are we 🙂 Nice one Somali, as always, few words and lots of depth! Best wishes

  • Awww.. Po is sooooo cute <3 I loved the expression on her face… 😀

  • Lovely cattie ! Touching Lei ! Heart-winning feeling embedded in the post ! And what not ?

  • Po looks very excited to have a new home. Hope the owners are taking good care of it. Lots of love going round 🙂

  • She is a keeper. And she seems to be enjoying her new abode. Lovely words in the picture.

  • It looks so cute and adorable! Kitten are one of the most adorable creatures. My daughter simply loved Po! 😀

    Great poem!

  • The lyric and images of ” ‘Po’ The Little Kitten” are beautiful. Compassion should not be limited to the human beings only .All the living creatures and the trees and plants need the nurturance and care of all of us failing which ruination of the world becomes a threat.

  • Wow….poem, Po, and some serious thoughts dealt with too…Great Somali….:)

  • Po looks all warm cozy and snug 🙂 Great are the souls who adopted him.

  • Happy knowing Po has found a home, hope she is taken good care of!

  • Beautiful…. The little po, the snap and the little poem following it – all of it 😀
    He is adorable!

  • Helllo PO… How do you do 🙂 🙂

  • I hope Po is adjusting well to his new home! He looks a bit scared in the pic…maybe he’s use to be afraid. Poor thing, at least he’s safe now 🙂

  • Po and your poem are adorable! xo

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