Resilience of Nature and Life

Resilience of Nature and Life

By Somali K Chakrabarti


Resilience in Adversity

tender shoots,
Outgrowths of an uprooted tree,
Stir and wake up from a dormant state,
Thrusting their way out, crack open a hard
stone surface; in search of sunlight,
To live, they claim
their right
The resilience of Nature and Life !!

© Somali K Chakrabarti



Lei: A wreath for your soul  is a string of short poems reflecting on nature, life, illusion and inspiration.




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  • beautiful!

  • How true! The resilience of nature is incredible. These tiny shoots carry the message of growth, which is natural if we stop meddling in the ways of Mother Nature.

  • Excellent.

  • We need to learn from that strong and resilient …

    Beautiful poem .. Loved them

  • I am feeling and absorbing the message of the picture as well as the essence of the poem. Compliments.

    Jitendra Mathur

  • perfectly worded! loved the thumbs up to life

  • True, such indomitable resilience we can find in Nature…the tiny trees and weeds…they never give up hope and keep on sprouting on every possible occasion. Perfect picture for the profound words… 🙂

  • Beautiful. Portrays hope, birth and positivity.

  • Hats off to you for being able to draw such powerful messages from images that we all see but never understand.

  • Nature is very powerful, never underestimate 🙂

  • I love these words and what they represent to me! lovely

  • The uprooted tree pains me & yet not knowing that its mother is no more, the little one lives. So very true! They are claiming their right to live 🙂
    A new hope

  • eloquent expression of ‘life finds a way’

  • Beautifully penned, Somali. Nature is indeed resilient. The will to survive overcomes many obstacles.

  • Its always inspiring to read your writings 🙂

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