My Interstellar Voyage

My Interstellar Voyage

How do you feel when someone whose writing you admire tells you that they admire your posts?
Well that’s simple! You form a Mutual Admiration Society. 🙂
Introducing co-blogger Sunita Sriram, and her blog ‘mydigitaldiaries’. Sunita calls herself wacky, a lil weird and offbeat. Is she?
Read about her interstellar voyage traversing through the fast expanding galaxy of blogosphere, and find out for yourself.

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  • I read the post yesterday. .☺☺

  • She’s absolutely right about you. I read her post two days ago and found myself right in my conviction that you are one of the best bloggers. It takes some talent to specialize in prose, poetry, lifestyle… you name it. 😀

    Do keep enthralling us by your haiku and posts, Somali! 🙂

  • Ha ha nice, for a moment I thought it was all about a science fiction, interesting to know more about Sunita. I couldn’t agree more about the mutual admiration society.

    PS: My sincere apologies that I haven’t been able to read your book yet. It has been awfully crazy this year and the course is extremely hectic to say the least. I hope to read sometime soon 🙂

  • I so agree with Sunita 🙂 Read the entire post too! 🙂 Thanks for the reblog Somali 🙂

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