Juvenile’s Delight

Juvenile’s Delight

By Somali K Chakrabarti

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In the darkest of winter nights,

Ruthlessly savaged by brutes, she fought, wailed,

as she was scarred for life;

wounded, she lay on the stony pitch,

holding on with all her might, they mocked her,

scorned her, she struggled to survive;

 One day she lost her ‘losing’ battle with life!

The Law took its course, offenders

were tried; As if in a cruel joke of fate, the vicious

of the lot goes free, for when he sinned

He was a juvenile!

With an evil grin, somewhere a ruffian sneered

at an unsuspecting victim with delight,

“I’ll brand her for life”

No one will touch me for I am a juvenile”.


Inspired by the post ‘ Too young to punish not to young to sin ‘ by  Dr Sweety Shinde, in which she has very logically put forth her points against the juvenile verdict.


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  • This decision is going to be a worst example for all juveniles out there 🙁 No one will fear about law before committing any crime 🙁 Why don’t somebody give some brains to our politicians ..who just talk rocket high 🙁

  • Powerful words written in a perfect manner. Hope things will change soon.

  • Beautiful portrayal of the victim and tge perpetrator..apt for the present dark days we live in…

  • Tragedy portrayed in an apt manner. How perfectly you have used the word “sneering”. Can’t even imagine what the parents are now going through 🙁

  • I never felt our judiciary and legislature so weak and meaningless…. Really a shame… I am really happy that Nirbhaya Died before witnessing this shameless drama about justice and sympathy….

  • Our pathetic laws and equally pathetic system. Beautifully written.

  • Somali… very well written …. You know something… my first blog was on this dangerous tragedy … just no words … felt that I was going through that pain … feel so scared every time but still the government could take no action …

  • Somali here is my blog https://goo.gl/pTwP1X written soon after the scaring incident and then posted on February 11, 2013.

  • Absolutely truthful…and I applaud you for writing this.

  • Such crimes have existed since a woman was born, only now they have got so brutal, only now they have come into open and only now how people realised that a woman is a human being too with equal rights.

    What is satisfying is that this case brought people on the streets, awareness went to the skies and speedy justice was delivered. Above all a new law has been passed today. Yet the brutality continues…have you read this?

  • Even as the new Juvenile Bill is passed today, I wonder how much it will ‘deter’ the ‘wrong-doer. Isn’t there much more that is ailing our society? The way we look at the woman, the notions that we hold, the assumptions that we make – what will bring a change there? Where do we begin? Where will we end?

  • Apt and timely. The beginning perhaps has to be initiated in our kitchens and on our Dining tables.

  • Hard hitting! very very well written Somali. Hats off!

  • Very well-written. New Juvenile law is passed today. But it’s the social mindset that needs to be changed otherwise no law can prevent another Nirbhaya. We need social reforms more than any law.

  • Those were beautiful words, thank you for your poem

  • It still makes me shiver thinking about it and glad, somehow, the bill has been passed for juvenile or not, they know what they are doing. Thought provoking and powerful post.

  • Wow…all too real and powerful…

  • Nicely put Somali . What gives me the jitters is that he is roaming amongst us and we are totally unaware of his identity . With his sick and psycho mind he is such a danger to the society .

  • A tragedy of our time.

  • Very well written

  • I’ve no more words to express my disappointment as the ‘juvenile’ moves freely at this moment. Perhaps, he is plotting on his new prey! The lines are precise and piercing! 🙁

    But, I’m happy with this positive move by the Government…it proves once again how powerful social media has become.


  • He was a juvenile!

    With an evil grin, somewhere a ruffian sneered

    at an unsuspecting victim with delight,

    “I’ll brand her for life”

    “No one will touch me for I am a juvenile”.
    Those people who never feel the pain of a common man are setting our destiny , are making our policies and laws . How can we expect them to deliver something meaningful !!

  • I find it wrong to try someone as a juvenile when they have done horrendous crimes ..

  • Hey, I’m honored. Thank you so much!
    You summed it perfectly. The bill my have been passed, but irony is that it cannot be applied in retrospect.
    So this particular rapist still walks free, although he made life ‘tougher’ for his fans & followers.

  • A great poet once wrote :

    ” A primrose..
    is a primrose
    is a primrose” !!


    A Cobra…
    is a Cobra
    is a Cobra !!

  • No words for this one…our judicial system is a mockery in itself!

    However, hope is what I always have!

  • Well written but so tragic! 😟

  • Castration should be the punishment for rapists!! Such a shameful verdict!!

  • You have brutally expressed the harsh reality of life. Brilliantly written.

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