Fatal Lure

Fatal Lure

By Somali K Chakrabarti


Gif from you tube video https://youtu.be/RPLcsijy9YA

Magnet putty devours

metal cube. With fatal lure, 

zealots cajole youth.

In promise of bliss where there’s

none; To the path of no return

Inspired by the chapter ‘ Why are the Youth Joining Terrorist Groups‘ in the book  Age of Peace,  written by  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

Just like ferromagnetic particles in the putty slowly engulf the magnet, fanatic groups dissuade youth to believe that path of violence will lead to heaven.


A Tanka is a Japanese poem consisting of 31 syllables in 5 lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third lines and 7 in the others.


Lei: A wreath for your soul  is a string of short poems reflecting on nature, life, illusion and inspiration.Lei




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  • Religion is the opium of the masses, so said Karl Marx. Zealots feed the gullible youth with promises galore and, thus use them for their ulterior motives. Path of no return- so well said, they destroy the paths of love, trust and faith, for themselves as well for others… 🙁

  • You weave sheer magic with the powerful words and each word means a lot ..the picture has indeed enhanced the beauty of the post!
    It is like the pied piper of Hamelin promising a land of enticements!

  • I sometimes wonder how much of a brainwash is done.. or how good are those who make the youth change the way they think.. If only these minds worked for the good of human race .. Lovely world we would have..

    I hope and wish that religion is banned and only one thing remains humanity….

  • If youth is moldable putty, then somewhere there is hope that they can be molded towards positive outlook. Question is – who has the time, finances, motives and willpower for it?

    • If those in power do not have time, motive or the will, then terrorism and violence will keep spreading, which at some point will be detrimental to the interest of all.Some initiatives to spread the ideology of peace that are being taken up by some organizations, probably need more impetus.

      • Yes, plus the fast de-polarization. We just cannot afford anymore to divide & discriminate based on caste & religion. Which is why ‘reservation’has to be chucked out. I’ve seen the simmering grudge held by ‘open’ category against undue mollycoddling towards reserved category. It just isn’t healthy.
        Similarly, muslims should be given neither more nor less attention. They simply have to be given equal opportunities, equal education and equal laws.

  • A nice poem with a message relevant for the young generation.

  • I too was dumbfounded when I first came across this phenomenon but it is so widespread now that I get jolted only after reading something like your words!

  • So true! This is not a new phenomenon though…have seen it happening all the while…only it’s getting widespread and stronger!!!
    If only there is a way to make them understand that…

    • Thank you Deepa. Not a new phenomenon but as you rightly pointed out it is getting widespread and stronger. In the book, the author says that the present day militancy results from misinterpretation and misrepresentation of religion, and the counter to this would be to engage youth in positive activism to spread the message of peace.

  • Great post with a powerful message!

  • You have captured the essence of this phenomenon. The term ‘Devour’ is mot justé. Magnet attracts and holds on to iron, but this things dissolves and destroys it. It’s like those fabled antimatters and antibodies that Einstein warned about. They don’t have a mass of their own, and use the mass of other matters and bodies to survive, and create a Black Hole at the end of the day!

    A very apt and profound tanka.

  • Brilliant poem expressing how the youth are swayed by empty promises and false doctrine.

  • Wow! This is such a powerful tanka. Kudos Somali for expressing the truth so perfectly.

  • Great one from you Somali! Super choice of words. You have this divine gift to be able to convey thoughts in so few, yet powerful words. If only these gullible innocent youth were instead taught to work for betyerment of humanity how much true glory theyd receive! Well written. Best wishes.

  • The whole concept of religion, nation and other such things are conjured up to make the people slave. A few people, for their own benefit, use millions of other in the name of caste, creed, region, religion and nation. All this morals and ethics are nothing but tricks to handle the mass. They are used to inflict fear in the mass. The fight isn’t good when it’s between Bihari and Marathi but it’s good when it’s between India and Pakistan; why is it so?

    You aptly stated the fact, Somali (Ji) 🙂

    • Thank you Ravish. Yes religion, though required to channelize the faith and behavior of people, has since times immemorial been interpreted by various groups a way that serves their self interest before the interest of all and often at the cost of the others.

  • Sigh! I wish even words like these could have effect on vulnerable minds. One can only hope, but truth is stranger than fiction.

  • So true Somali… nothing good ever came out of the zealots’ work…

  • A message that is the need of the hour … well said.

  • This indeed is a powerful analogy…yes the youths can gets swayed into the vortex of nothing to get everything. It is an illusion and they are in delusion. In the process religion gets the bad name when the mind is polluted and what matters is mind of people irrespective of the religion. Aptly captured in words of “devoured with fatal lure”…the illusion of bliss, they fall into the trap of bitter truth of life in the other side. Liked the choice of animated image…:D

  • Lovely wordings as always ☺☺

  • Great post ,Thinking about the vulnerable groups we are living with always gives me chills.

  • very rightly put…very parasitic and does not seem to stop growing..nice!

  • Wonderful analogy Somali… and what an apt video !
    I wonder why the ‘good’ sense don’t have similar ‘devouring’ effect ‘on people .. Or perhaps , when it has, people ‘bloom’ rather than being ‘devoured ‘ !
    Liked it 🙂

    • Thank you dear. Good sense takes time to percolate , while provocations trigger instant reactions because that’s how we are biologically designed. Understanding how the wiring works may at times help to control reactions. 🙂

  • Awesome post Somali, a much-needed message for the youth of today:)

  • First of all, a belated Merry Christmas to you. 🙂

    Nice poem. Very good thoughts – maybe we need to understand it at a deeper level. Why do only certain youths get “devoured” by non-existent bliss, whereas other don’t. Something to think about.

    • Thank you for your wishes Subhodeep. Warm wishes to you and your family for a happy New Year . True what you said is something to think about. Maybe it depends on the attitude, social conditioning and the presence of opportunities or the lack of it.

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