December 2015


Looking for CEOs inspired by the Yuletide spirit!

As the New Year approaches, I wish all my co-bloggers and readers a wonderful year ahead with lots of happiness on all fronts – personal, professional and social. We all have our own yardsticks for measuring our happy moments. On the personal and social front our happiness depends on a lot upon the time spent with our friends, family, happy events, trips, etc. On the professional front, happiness to a great extent depends on the type of boss we work with. The kind of corporate leaders in an organization account a lot for the general well-being and happiness of their employees. Recently, I came across this grid posted by Mr Ashok Bhatia on his blog, which measures leaders on three yardsticks – output, concern for people and ethics. It has some interesting nomenclature for leaders depending upon the characteristics they exhibit. They could be Road Rollers, who care only for the deadlines giving two hoots to the concerns for employees or ethics or they could be Crazy Conformists who, while sticking to production deadlines, do not mind compromising on values or on people (sounds familiar?). Then, there are Missionary Zealots, who guard ethics with all zeal but do not give…


XMas -Trinkets and Stars

By Somali K Chakrabarti   Image Source Tiny crystals from the sky on starry Xmas night, see trinkets on the Xmas tree,  dancing in delight   MERRY CHRISTMAS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A Haiku is a Japanese poem consisting of 17 syllables in 3 lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third lines and 7 in the second. I thank  Tish for nominating me for Blogger Recognition Award. Please check out her Blog on THE DAILY ATHOLIAN. However, since I have taken to the No Award Policy, I am not going by the Nomination Rules.


Juvenile’s Delight

By Somali K Chakrabarti Image source In the darkest of winter nights, Ruthlessly savaged by brutes, she fought, wailed, as she was scarred for life; wounded, she lay on the stony pitch, holding on with all her might, they mocked her, scorned her, she struggled to survive;  One day she lost her ‘losing’ battle with life!

Mixed Bag

Lei – Path To Zen

Geetashree Chatterjee is one of those few writers, who write amazingly well in three languages – English, Hindi and Bengali, to the extent that it is hard to point out the language in which she expresses herself the best. With an impeccable diction and in her distinctive style, she gracefully echoes her thoughts through her poetry, short stories, reviews and commentaries. I am very grateful to GC for sparing the time to read and write a review for my book ‘Lei: A wreath for your soul’ on her blog ‘panaecea -A Series Of Soul Bytes Just For You’ ‘One of those thought provoking bed-time books which make you relax as well as prod you to ponder on life!’ is how Geetashree describes the book. Thanks a ton GC. Here is a reblog of the post. Check it out for yourself.


Round Table Blogging Contest at NIT Trichy

By Somali K Chakrabarti   The Round Table: Theme Based Blogging Contest The need to express yourself in today’s fast-moving world cannot be emphasized upon enough. Opinionated views are formed within the fraction of a second and spread out far and wide over the internet with the speed and alacrity of the waves; as such it becomes imperative that sane voices do not remain unheard. Thankfully, the impact of blogging is also spreading fast, providing every net savvy individual a platform to express himself/ herself. Institutions and organizations, too, are not left untouched by the power that blogging wields, and are taking to the platform for organizing contests to get diverse perspectives, viewpoints and increase visibility. The Round Table, a theme-based blogging contest, organized by Pragyan, NIT Trichy in association with Campus Diaries is aimed at tech enthusiasts who want to hold out their distinct voice from the opinionated noise of the internet.

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