November 2015

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Self publishing with Amazon Kindle

It is an oft repeated statement that in this age of digital media, electronics has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, including the way we communicate, the way we write, and even the way we read. Smartphones have replaced the old phones, and kindles, and tablet readers have converted many old-fashioned book readers to e-book readers and many authors into self-published authors. The devices that brought e-books into the mainstream are book readers like Amazon’s Kindle or Barnes and Noble’s Nook. Kindle is by and far the most popular e-book readers and is one of the Amazon’s best-selling products. The word Kindle means ‘to ignite’, hence it is an apt metaphor for the intellectual enlightenment associated with reading.  

Travel and Culture

Hampi – City with a Iconic Heritage

By Somali K Chakrabarti It was 1 PM in the afternoon. After lapping up all there was to seen in Pattadakal and Aihole, we proceeded towards Hampi, which is at distance of around 150 km from Aihole. The stretch of road between Aihole and Hampi being smooth, we had an easy drive. On the way, as we passed through Kamalapur, we saw a lake in which the water had a pinkish tinge, appearing as if it had borrowed its shade from the nearby reddish hills.

Travel and Culture

Pattadakal and Aihole – Cradle of Indian temple architecture

By Somali K Chakrabarti Pattadakal, a small village in Bagalkot district of Karnataka, is a name that I had not heard of till recently, but after seeing the place enroute to Hampi from Badami caves, I was so enthralled by its beauty and richness of art that if I have to describe the place in one word it would be ‘mesmerizing’. This small village, situated on the bank of Malaprabha river, is a UNESCO World heritage site with a cultural legacy dating back to the 6th century BC. Starting out from Badami, in the morning at around 8 AM, we reached Pattadakal in less than an hour. On entering the heritage complex, I found a picturesque site of ancient stone temples in sprawling green lawns with palm trees lined on the sides, and with light red sandstone hills in the backdrop.  

Travel and Culture

Badami Caves – Splendor in Rocks

By Somali K Chakrabarti Diwali, is the festive time that brings in happiness and cheer. It is also the time, for long weekends. To make good use of this long Diwali weekend, we started out on a road trip from Mumbai towards Karnataka. My endless fascination for rocks, caves and historical monuments drove us to the heritage sites of Badami and Hampi. Starting out in the morning at 7.45 AM, we drove to Pune via Mumbai Pune Expressway and then took the National Highway NH4. By the time we reached Belgaum, it was 5.30 PM in the evening. We had decided to stop over at a hotel in Belgaum for the night. Next day morning we took the Bachi – Raipur state highway upto Lokapur, and then hit the road to Badami. This stretch of the road passes through the countryside. It is best covered during the daylight as it can get confusing for travelers who are not familiar with the route. Relying heavily on the Google Maps we drove by. A few marigold and sunflower fields on the way presented a pretty sight.

Travel and Culture

Tripura: A land of many Splendors

Bhudeb Chakrabarti Unakoti – One less than a crore Unakoti, the word means ‘one less than a crore’. This is the name of a place located deep inside a coolly shaded forest, about 180 kilometres northeast of Agartala. An archaeological wonder known for the largest Bas-relief sculpture in India, Unakoti is supposed to have the carvings and statues of Gods and Goddesses numbering one less than 1 crore. Gigantic carvings of Shiva, Ganesha and other gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology, some of them about 30 feet high, dating back from the 7th to 9th, can be seen on its hill slopes. This is one of the places that I often had to pass by during my stay in Tripura, a picturesque State of North East India, bounded by Bangladesh on all sides with corridors to the North Eastern States of Asom and Mizoram. Image source: Shared by Atadu (CC By SA 4.0)

Mixed Bag

Meeting The Great Bong Arnab Ray at BNLF

By Somali K Chakrabarti   An eventful day for a blogger is one in which he/ she gets to be a part of the blogging community in person and receives some delightful insights into the world of blogging. Yesterday was such a day, when bloggers from all over India came together at Mumbai for the Blog Now Live Forever (#BNLF) event, organized by Indiblogger at LaLit hotel in Andheri.  The event boasted of an impressive line-up of speakers including the famous digital marketer Jeff Bullas and rock musician cum commercial pilot cum broadcaster Bruce Dickinson!

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