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Selfie – a word that was sparsely used even till 2010, has gained widespread usage over the last 3-4 years. The fact that ‘Selfie’ was nominated as ‘word of the year 2013’ by the Oxford Dictionary proves how the selfie has infiltrated into our daily lives.

The concept of selfie is not exactly a new one. Self- portraits or clicking one’s own picture with a camera have been around since quite some time. The early incarnations of selfie, were taken by people experimenting with their new cameras to see how their images would turn out. When the use of cameras became widespread, selfies were generally taken by those who would be travelling alone.

The advent of smartphones, however, has made it much easier and quicker to take selfies. Unlike the first generation selfies, selfies today can be instantly shared with friends and family or even publicly.

Does selfie make you self centred? 


While there are cases of extreme selfie obsession, and some people incessantly use selfies to fish for compliments, or become completely self-obsessed and spend hours to click the perfect selfies for creating the perfect virtual presence, but it is also a matter of fact that to an extent selfies have become our personal mementos and are a reality of life today. There’d be hardly anybody with a smartphone who hasn’t taken a selfie.  

And why not? Selfies give us a peep into the lives of our loved ones and help in spreading cheer and happiness. It does not always amount to self obsession. A selfie can certainly do a lot more. 

Watch this video and you’ll know what exactly I am talking about.


A selfie can do a lot more


For the mom who has to go on official tours, seeing her child’s selfie cheers her up more than what a text message would do while she is busy in her work or in a meeting or a conference and is not in a position to take a call.

For the child who has to stay away from his/ her mom, selfie bridges the distance to some extent.

For the parents, whose children live outstation, selfies connect them with the day to day lives of their children.

For the grandparents, who dote on their grandchildren but do not get to meet them very often, selfies from grandchildren can bring them closer.



In a get together with siblings, friends or relatives people fit into a selfie to capture the fun moments and togetherness.

For those in a long distance relationship, selfies are a big saviour.

For siblings and friends who meet once in a while, selfies are the quickest way to show presence.

For a man, who serves the country in the forces, a selfie from his wife and children reinforces his motivation to face the challenges.

The solo bag packers, who want to capture themselves against the backdrops, cannot always depend upon the passers-by for a snap. A smartphone that allows a good selfie always comes in handy.

And of course, for the fashionistas, selfies helps them to put their best face forward.


For a perfect crystal sharp selfie, a good selfie camera smartphone is obviously a must.

ASUS Zenfone selfie allows you to capture and share your emotions with your loved ones through stunning, high-resolution photos. 

If you would like to spread the cheer and #donateaselfie to bring a smile on the face of your loved ones in this festive season, then have a look at this amazing smartphone and who knows you may want to buy a Zenfone Selfie




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    By: Somali K Chakrabarti

    Hi there ! I am a management and leadership coach and a ‘çlinical blogger’. Well, that’s what my family & friends call me now ! Here, I tell stories of different brands, how people relate to the brands and the values, beliefs and emotions that they associate with the brands. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

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About the author

Somali K Chakrabarti

Hi there ! I am a management and leadership coach and a 'çlinical blogger'. Well, that's what my family & friends call me now ! Here, I tell stories of different brands, how people relate to the brands and the values, beliefs and emotions that they associate with the brands. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

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  1. pranab chakraborti November 2, 2015 @ 3:41 pm

    Very very informative post and well written

  2. Kanchan Chakrabarti November 3, 2015 @ 9:03 am

    Selfie has now become the new trend…………. Even if you can get yourself clicked by someone u can trust not to run away with your smartphone it trendy and fashionable to click a selfie for the moment.Groupfies are also very trendy and with new technology no one comes to know that the phone was on a extended arm…

  3. bhudeb chakrabarti November 3, 2015 @ 10:37 am

    I looked up my 2000 edition of Oxford Dictionary The word “selfie’ is not there but ‘self-portrait’ is present .The word ‘self-portrait’ means a portrait by an artist of himself or herself. But ‘selfie’ is more than that. We laud you for detailing the various situations ‘selfie ‘can promote well-being in society .

  4. Yes, when I get bored and feel lonely in a function or otherwise I click selfie… it’s fun for sure… yesterday I guess I had a photo of someone I liked and got lost seeing that person’s selfie photo, really made me content… so yeah keep showing selfies and spread love(:

  5. Selfie can do this ? I was not aware really . For me a selfie was just to enjoy or for show off only but here today in your post I am reading another story of selfie which is really important, impressive and workable. one word of “selfie” has a lot of benefits .

  6. Well researched on the topic. 🙂
    Good read.

  7. Hey, so rightly said! Selfie or any other pic, makes us relive those moments. Well-written! And yeah, hopefully some day we’ll be in a pic together 🙂

  8. Beautiful and thoughtful article.. Loved your group selfie with Bindu & Mani 🙂

  9. Thanks for the great idea!

  10. Thanks for the great idea

  11. Good one. My kids love taking selfie.

  12. A lovely post, Somali, Selfies are really a wonderful way to make memories and spread smiles. I loved the picture. Hope to meet you someday 🙂

  13. Great to read, Thanks for sharing

  14. A delightful read…..Somali……so many reasons for Selfie…..and all so good….!

  15. I always thought selfies as silly. You put it in a new light! Agree with all the ideas expounded by you. A brilliant post, as usual!

  16. Beautifully written about selfies, Somali 🙂 And coupled with that groupfie … priceless!

  17. That is an interesting perspective. I normally don’t like to photograph myself, but I think I have several reasons now to join the selfie brigade. 😀

  18. How well you write Somali 🙂 I love selfies and am very impressed by how unselfconsciously people take them. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

  19. Great post thanks for posting & sharing


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